Home Health new cluster Kalasin’s famous construction materials store, more than half of the employees are stuck, totaling 145 people.

new cluster Kalasin’s famous construction materials store, more than half of the employees are stuck, totaling 145 people.

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new cluster Kalasin’s famous construction materials store, more than half of the employees are stuck, totaling 145 people.

On October 28, the Center for Combating Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19), Kalasin Province reported the situation of COVID-19. Recently, 143 new cases were found, 142 in the province, and 1 in pre-government detention centers (light-structured prisons), distributed in Yang Talat district, 61, Mueang district, 58 in Nong Kung Si district, 16 in Nong Kung Si district. Kamala Sai 5 cases, Tha Khantho district 1 and Rong Kham district 1, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the province to 9,116, of which 8,503 have recovered, 555 are in treatment and 58 have died.

However, for the total number of new cases in the province, 142 today, most of them were employees of a well-known department store selling construction supplies and home furnishings in Kalasin province, located at the entrance to downtown Kalasin. which is a new cluster and a large cluster Initially, from the screening of staff, 129 employees have been infected, and 16 people close to them have been infected. Most of them are in Mueang district and Yang Talat district. There are 145 infected people from the cluster. and there are many risk groups The disease is currently under investigation by officials and it is expected that it will not take long before the disease can be controlled.

Dr. Apichai Limanon, a public health doctor in Kalasin Province, reported the disease situation at the monthly meeting of Kalasin Province and revealed that Covid-19 situation in Kalasin province still found a large number of patients is a small cluster and large cluster Recently, the epidemic was found in large department stores. At the store that sells building materials and home decorations. which is a large cluster by proactive screening by staff of the Kalasin Provincial Public Health Office, Mueang District Public Health Office and Kalasin Hospital staff Since October 25, 129 out of 243 employees have been infected with the virus since October 25, while another 16 relatives and close contacts of employees have been found infected, including the cluster. 145 people who are currently in the process of expediting the investigation of the disease and especially following relatives and those close to the infected employees in communities and villages It is expected that it will not take long to investigate the disease and control the disease. The epidemic can now be controlled to a limited extent. The infected people were sent for treatment. All at-risk groups have been quarantined.

However, the Kalasin Provincial Public Health Office has issued a notice of risky areas and activities. By asking those who travel to such department stores between 18-25 October who are at risk of touching patients If you have a fever, runny nose, sore throat, odorless nose, tasteless tongue, loose stools, red eyes, rash, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing, notify us immediately. Volunteers or public health officials near home immediately to assess the risk and undergo testing and give a detailed history As for the department store, we are now asking for cooperation to close the service from October 26 to November 8 in order to continue cleaning and disinfecting.

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