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News to remove flu lessons, weaknesses, “nasal spray vaccine”, live type

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#nasal vaccine Today (22 Nov. 21) Prof. Dr. Yong Phu Worawan, the head of the Center specializes in clinical virology. Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Revealed through personal Facebook the weakness of the live vaccine, nasal spray, which is not suitable for use in Thailand. For example, the 2009 influenza epidemic, Thailand is preparing to develop a flu vaccine. “A type of infection” infection is sensitive to high temperatures. When sprayed into the nose, the infection only stays in the nasal cavity and cannot go down into the lungs. Because it can’t stand the body temperature of 37 degrees in the body. The infection will stimulate immunity to influenza. very well as infectious in nature

That year, Thailand received technology transfer from Russia. and trying to develop a St. Petersburg influenza strain and did not go anywhere because it was made It does not serve the purpose of preventing illness and death. Pharmacy organization changed to “Dead species” and the ones currently used in Thailand are all deadly infections.

#Mor Yong stated that at the same time There is also a seasonal flu vaccine. The nasal spray used in the United States and in the West is called FluMist of MedImmune. Use a nasal spray. This virus is not heat resistant. inability to enter the lungs Because it is a “leaf”, it cannot be given. In people with weak immunity, such as young children under 2 years old, the elderly over 50 years, people who take immunosuppressant drugs People with chronic diseases, pregnant people, people who take anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin because of Reye syndrome.

In summary, it is a risk group for influenza. and will be dangerous as life-threatening pneumonia can’t give Only for the strong that the disease is not severe in practice Using the influenza vaccine We will focus on preventing risk groups when influenza is life-threatening. If the vaccine is only available to healthy people, especially in adolescents therefore contrary to reality In the aim of vaccinating influenza in Thailand wanting to reduce morbidity and mortality

Likewise, the development of the COVID-19 vaccine if the virus is alive various indications must be similar especially in people with low immunity for fear that this virus will spread taboo in people with low immunity, the elderly, pregnant women People with chronic diseases, young children, who are all at risk of COVID-19 The nasal spray vaccine can only be used by healthy individuals. like the flu nasal spray vaccine. will not benefit at all Because those people Being infected with Covid-19 is not severe. Chances of hospitalization or death are very low.

“Weaknesses of the influenza nasal spray vaccine. for that reason therefore not used in Thailand even though it is very convenient to use”

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