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Although he has played many Test matches, cricketer Ravindra Jadeja is facing such a ‘Test’ for the first time in his life. His wife Rivaba Jadeja is the BJP candidate in Jamnagar North constituency. A man from the other team turns his eyes on Jadeja, who campaigned for Rivaba; Nayanaba Jadeja, sister and fiery Congress leader.

With Rivaba contesting the constituency and Nayanaba taking the helm of Congress candidate Bipendra Singh Jadeja’s campaign, this coastal constituency has become the scene of a curious battle in state politics. Jadeja is careful not to embroil his sister even though his wife has public support in the competition where his wife and sister are fighting against each other.

Soon after Rivaba joined BJP in 2019, Nayanaba joined Congress. Both are making progress in the campaign. Last day, Nayanaba came out against Rivaba’s vote by walking with children wearing cricket shirts. He asked the Electoral Commission to take action against the use of children for campaigning. Rivaba’s answer to that is as follows: ‘It is not my sister-in-law who is making the allegations, but only a worker in Congress. It is enough to see it that way’.

Nayanaba accuses that Rivaba’s real name is Rivaba Solanki and she has not changed it even after 6 years of marriage and has now adopted the name Jadeja to use her brother’s fame politically. Rivaba retaliated by releasing a campaign poster featuring a picture of Jadeja wearing an Indian jersey.

The constituency formed in 2008 has been won by the same person in the 2 elections so far; But from 2 parties. Dharmendra Singh Jadeja became a Congress Member of Parliament in 2012 and won as a BJP candidate in 2017. This time the BJP fielded Rivaba, a mechanical engineering graduate, by denying the seat to Dharmendra. Apart from the challenges posed by the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party, Rivaba will also have to overcome Dharmendra’s rebellious moves.

English Summary: Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja’s wife and sister contest in Jamnagar North for Gujarat Assembly Election 2022

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