No one in the stadium to watch Pakistan play; Wasim Akram and Afridi ‘invited’ the audience

Karachi: People do not come to watch cricket matches in Pakistan. Despite being the most popular sport in the country, people do not come to the stadiums to watch the matches of the national team. People do not come to watch the ongoing Pakistan – West Indies (PAK vs WI) T20 series. Only ൦ 4000 people came to watch the second match of the T20 series. The 32,000-capacity Karachi Stadium was left unoccupied. Former cricketers Wasim Akram and Shahid Afridi have come out to urge spectators across the country to come to the stadiums as the stadiums are unoccupied.

International competitions have not been held in Pakistan for years due to terrorism and other issues. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s years of efforts to host international matches have resulted in foreign teams preparing to play the series on Pakistani soil. But when the matches returned to Pakistan, the former players intervened as the stadium was not crowded.

Although spectators were not allowed into the stadiums due to the Kovid expansion, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) later lifted the restrictions and allowed maximum spectators to enter the stadiums, but fans did not come to watch the matches.

“Despite the good performance of the Pakistan team over the last few months, it is sad to see the stadium in Karachi empty. I need to know the reason for this from you. Where did all the fans go? You tell me .. ‘Wasim Akram tweeted.

‘It is really disappointing that despite the return of international matches to Pakistan, there are no people in the stadiums to watch the matches. But people need to know why they do not reach the stadiums and how to overcome this situation. Stadiums should be packed when matches take place. When the spectators pick up the tickets, they also lose the revenue they were supposed to get. ‘ – Afridi tweeted.

‘It’s disappointing that so few people come to watch the national team play. “Even though the normal ticket price has been halved, people are expected to go up,” a PCB spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramis Raja’s announcement that he would provide better facilities to those arriving at the stadium did not work. Spectators are required to park their vehicle not far from the stadium and walk. They also point out that heavy security measures keep spectators away from the stadium.

Fans also commented that they expect more responsible action on the part of the board if spectators are to reach the stadiums. Fans said that a large number of fans were waiting outside the stadium to watch the match and that the number of people waiting to check on fans at the entrances to the stadium was low and the board should take necessary action in such matters. .


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