Nude Chun Li Mod Accidentally Revealed in Street Fighter 6 Live Broadcast

In the world of gaming, mods have become a popular way for players to customize their gaming experience. Capcom’s “Street Fighter 6” is no exception, as it supports various PC version mods. However, a recent incident during an online tournament has caused quite a stir.

On July 31, during the “Fighting Whirlwind 6” tournament streamed on Twitch channel “Corner 2 Corner,” a surprising occurrence took place. As the match between Packz (playing as Chun Li) and Lensta (playing as Kimberly) began, an unexpected sight appeared on the screen – Chun Li was completely naked.

This shocking moment was the result of a mod in the PC version of the game, which had clearly been hastily tampered with. While the VOD screen was swiftly removed, the incident was recorded by eagle-eyed viewers.

It is worth noting that shortly after the release of “Fighting Whirlwind 6,” numerous mod developers on the NexusMod forum released nude mods, including ones featuring Chun Li and Qianmi, offering alternate appearances for the characters.

This is not the first time that mods have made an appearance during esports events. Last year, there was a similar incident during an overseas “Super Smash Bros.” tournament, where naked character mods triggered a chat frenzy.

During the recent incident, the anchor momentarily found herself in an awkward position but managed to keep her composure. She explained, “As you can see, ‘Fighting Whirlwind 6’ is an 18+ game to some extent,” without delving into the specifics of the Chun Li nudity incident.

In terms of Twitch’s community guidelines, custom gameplay or visual modifications containing nudity or sexual content are explicitly prohibited. While the Corner 2 Corner Twitch channel has not faced any immediate consequences and the tournament is proceeding smoothly, it remains to be seen whether Twitch officials will take any action in the future.

It is clear that with mods installed, any Capcom game can become an 18+ experience. Therefore, organizers of online esports events should be cautious when it comes to mod installations in order to prevent similar accidents from occurring.

Overall, this incident serves as a reminder of the influence and risks associated with modding in the gaming world. It highlights the importance of moderation and adherence to community guidelines to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all gamers.

As we all know, “Street Fighter 6” (Street Fighter 6), like many masterpieces produced by Capcom (Capcom), supports various PC version mods, including the popular nude mods “King’s New King” Clothes, usually these mods are used privately, but recently, a foreign player accidentally showed the “naked Chun Li” to everyone in a live broadcast.

This surprising accident happened on July 31 in the online tournament of “Fighting Whirlwind 6” held on the Twitch channel “Corner 2 Corner”. When the game went on for Packz (Chun Li) and Lensta (Kimberly), as soon as he entered the battle After the screen, the screen presented made the judges and the anchor dumbfounded.

Yes, Chun Li from Packz player is completely naked, and this is obviously caused by the mod of the PC version, and the game was also hastily tampered with, and the VOD screen has been removed, but it is still recorded by the great network.

As a matter of fact, soon after the release of “Quick Fighting Whirlwind 6”, many mod developers on NexusMod, a well-known modding forum, have released many nude mods, including Chunli and Qianmi, and many other appearances of Mods can be replace it.

Of course, this is not the first time in the history of e-sports events that Mods have appeared on the live broadcast. Last year, in overseas “Super Smash Bros.Trigger chat for naked flare mods.

Interestingly, the anchor was briefly embarrassed at the time of the incident, held back her laughter and smoothed things over and explained: “As you can see, “Quick Fighting Tornado 6″ is an 18+ game so far,” Corner 2 Corner “The officer did not explain the reason for the Chun Li nudity incident.

The Twitch Community Guidelines specifically prohibit custom gameplay or visual modifications that contain nudity or sexual content. While the Corner 2 Corner Twitch channel is not currently banned, and the event is still going smoothly, it depends on whether Twitch officials take any action in the future.

Obviously, any Capcom game can be an 18+ game with mods installed, and perhaps any organizer of online e-sports events should pay special attention to mod installation issues to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

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