Oh Ji-hwan’s home run hitter 4th shortstop is great, but it’s a one-time thing


Started as a 4th batter for the second time in his career and got 3 RBIs including a home run

“He’s a shortstop four with a home run, nice, but I want it to be a one-off.

Oh Ji-hwan (32, LG Twins), who performed like a baseball cartoon, said with a bright expression.

Oh Ji-hwan started as the 4th batter shortstop in the home game against the Hanwha Eagles in professional baseball held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 22nd.

LG’s built-in #4 hitter Chae Eun-seong felt symptoms on his back, and LG coach Ryu Ji-hyun selected Oh Ji-hwan as ‘temporary #4 hitter’.

It is the first time in eight months and the second in his personal career that Oh Ji-hwan started as the 4th batter after the Busan Sajik Lotte Giants game on October 29 last year.

Director Ryu’s radical choice paid off.

Oh Ji-hwan led the team to a 6-5 victory with a two-run home run and three RBIs in four at-bats.

At the end of the 1st inning, behind 0-1, he hit a right-handed hit at 2nd and 2nd base, and in the 3rd leading 2nd and 2nd base 3-1, he rolled up Hanwha starter Yoon Dae-kyung’s 130km/h changeup and hit a two-run shot that crossed the center fence. .

On that day, Oh Ji-hwan hit the right time twice in three scoring opportunities.

His batting average for the season is 0.251 (62 hits in 247 at-bats), but his batting average is pretty high at 0.305 (18 hits at 59).

Oh Ji-hwan said, “I feel like I’m getting smarter in the scoring zone.

The more I concentrate, the better the ball combination of the opponent’s battery can be read.” He said, “As I gained experience, the number of fights increased, and I also learned a lot from Kim Hyun-soo, who is strong in chances.”

‘The 4th batter’s weight’ increased concentration.

Oh Ji-hwan said, “When the starting lineup came out, I was like, ‘Why am I number 4?

Recently, there are other batters who have a better hitting feel,'” he confessed.

I also thought that I didn’t want to reveal Chae Eun-seong’s vacancy.”

He had a pleasant result in the 4th place, but Oh Ji-hwan shook his head at the question, “Do you not want to play as the 4th hitter again?”

Oh Ji-hwan said, “The fourth shortstop hitting a home run. It’s really like a cartoon.” He said, “I felt that way today, so I hope it ends as a one-off.

I know myself well.

It’s good to stop when you feel good.”

He also said, “After hitting a home run (3rd inning), I told the manager, ‘I hope you don’t use it as a fourth hitter just because I hit a home run today'”.

Manager Ryu Ji-hyeon did not respond to Oh Ji-hwan’s comments because it was during the game.

It is highly unlikely that manager Ryu will frequently use Oh Ji-hwan, who played the most 579⅔ innings among LG infielders, in the 4th batting order in the position of shortstop with a heavy defensive burden.

However, when Chae Eun-seong needs a break like this day, there is a high possibility that Oh Ji-hwan is the ‘temporary 4th hitter number 1’.

After the game, coach Ji-hyeon Ryu said, “Captain Oh Ji-hwan is playing his role enough in any hitting line.

Today too, he led the victory in the 4th with a good figure.”

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