Omicron outbreak intensifies: 49.9 lakh cases a week

Huge increase in Kovid Omikron cases in the country. The number of people affected by the severe variant has crossed 800. Kovid cases are on the rise in the metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai. Delhi saw an increase of 86 per cent over the previous day and Mumbai 82 per cent. Covid cases are at an all-time high in most states months later.

In Delhi, Kovid confirmed 923 cases yesterday alone. This is the first time since May 30 that so many Kovid cases have been reported in the country’s capital. The positivity rate increased by 1.29 per cent over the previous week. According to the Ministry of Health, 238 Omicon cases have been reported in Delhi. In Kerala, Kovid confirmed 2,846 people yesterday.

Kovid confirmed 2,510 more in Mumbai. Minister Aditya Thackeray has said that the number of Kovid patients in the city is likely to increase exponentially and necessary precautions have been taken. Maharashtra is the second most affected state by Omicron. 167 cases have been reported here. So far, 73 cases have been reported in Gujarat and 65 in Kerala.

49.9 lakh cases a week: 11 per cent increase: WHO

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) says there has been an 11 percent increase in covid cases compared to the previous week. The organization’s weekly epidemiological report states that covid cases are on the rise in the United States, as they were in October.

Between December 20 and 26, 49.9 lakh new cases were reported. Half of these cases are in Europe. In Europe, there was a three per cent increase over the previous week, with 304.6 cases per 100,000 people being infected. Of the 100,000 Americans, 144.4 are infected. In Africa, the increase was seven percent.

Two million Kovid cases were reported in France alone yesterday. Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Malta all saw record increases in daily cases.

Meanwhile, Insakog, a consortium of research labs, has reported that omicron may be able to overcome the vaccine’s immunity. Several studies have shown that omicron is more diffuse than other Kovid variants, but less intense.

Eng­lish Sum­ma­ry: Omi­cron out­break inten­si­fies: 49.9 lakh cas­es a week

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