On the 18th, national marts and department stores will release quarantine passes… Restaurant, cafe “Please save us too”

From the 18th, the application of the quarantine pass (inoculation certificate/voice confirmation system) to department stores, large marts, and movie theaters nationwide will be lifted.

The government initially decided to apply the quarantine pass to these facilities in consideration of the spread of Omicron mutation, but ultimately decided to cancel it as confusion arose, such as changes in regional application standards due to successive lawsuits. Compared to last month, the scale of the COVID-19 epidemic has decreased and the medical capacity has expanded.

picture explanationCitizens filling out an access list with QR code or safe call check-in at a department store in Seoul on the 17th. [사진 출처 = 연합뉴스]

◆ Department store and hypermarket quarantine pass lifted… Applicable to internal restaurants and cafes

The government held a meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters (middle script) the day before on the 17th and released quarantine passes for six facilities including department stores, hypermarkets, private institutes, reading rooms, study cafes, libraries, museums, art galleries, science centers, and movie theaters and performance halls. said to do

As a result, 135,000 (11.7%) of the 1.15 million facilities applying the quarantine pass were excluded from the application of the quarantine pass.

Restaurants, cafes, and food courts in department stores and hypermarkets are still subject to the quarantine pass. If it is not ‘one meal’, you must present a quarantine pass or prove that you are an exception.

Food and beverage and tasting events in department stores and supermarkets are also restricted. Facilities such as reading rooms, study cafes, libraries, and museums are also restricted from eating.

The quarantine pass is maintained for wind instrument, singing and acting academies where it is difficult to wear a mask among academies or where there is a lot of saliva generation activity. The quarantine pass will continue to be applied to performances held in non-regular venues with 50 or more people (other than those registered under the Performance Act). This is because there is a risk of shouting shouts and slogans, and it is difficult to manage quarantine.

In addition, 11 types of facilities with a high risk of spreading COVID-19, such as entertainment facilities, indoor sports facilities, singing practice rooms, bathhouse businesses, restaurants and cafes, PC rooms, and party rooms, will maintain the quarantine pass.

◆ Self-employed people, such as restaurants, cafes, and PC rooms, are upset… “Only sigh”

However, the ‘equity controversy’ is a task that needs to be resolved. Self-employed people, such as restaurants, cafes, and PC rooms, which were excluded from the quarantine pass cancellation, are strongly opposed. In addition to limiting the number of people at private meetings and shortening business hours, the application of the quarantine pass continues, causing a triple high.

Mr. A, who runs a cafe in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, said, “Department stores and large marts said they would apply quarantine passes, but as soon as they are released, restaurants and cafes don’t seem to even be considered. ‘ he complained.

Mr. B, who runs a restaurant in Seocho-gu, Seoul, also said, “The distance that was applied from the previous day and the relaxation of business hours was more necessary than easing the limit on the number of gatherings.” I guess I don’t know,” he said.

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