Open stats and links to watch live.Pig Paknam Chon Mark Allen British Open semi-final

TrueVisions to broadcast British Open snooker at 7pm today, October 1 “Pak Nam Pig” Nopphon Saengkham, a young man from Thailand Competing in the semi-final against Mark Allen from Northern Ireland.

2022 British Open Snooker in England Preparing to compete in the semi-finals on Saturday October 1, 2022, the highlight that Thai snooker fans are watching is “Pak Nam Pig” Nopphon Saengkham Hand 38 of the Thai world there will be a meeting Mark Allen 14th hand in the world from Ireland Competing in a 6 in 11 frame system, True Visions live at 19.00 on the channel. Real Sports 3 a Real Sport 7

For Mu Paknam and Mark Allen, who had fought each other 3 times previously, the result showed Thai Jomman won 1, lost 2 as follows:

  • China Championship 2019, second round: Mu Paknam beat Mark Allen 5-4 frames
  • China Open 2018 first round: Mu Paknam lost to Mark Allen 1-6 frames
  • Second round of Agored Cymru 2014: Mu Paknam loses to Mark Allen 2-4 frames

As for the orbit, let’s meet again this time. considered important to estuary of pigs Very much because if Allen succeeds, this will be the first time this 30-year-old shooter from Thailand has reached the final round of the World Snooker Tour.

while the semi-finals Another pair of British Open snooker matches between Ryan’s day World number 27 from Wales collides Robbie Williams The 61st Hand of the British World Competition on Saturday, July 1 at 1:00am will be broadcast live on Real Sports 3 a Real Sport 7 also

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