Over-the-counter stocks cut into quarters one after the other

Unlisted stocks such as Curly and Dunamu, whose stock prices have fallen more than 70% from the peak at the beginning of this year from the end of last year, are appearing one after the other. Analysts say the decline in asset prices driven by the rise in interest rates has spread to the over-the-counter stock market.

According to ‘Securities Plus Unlisted’, an unlisted stock exchange on the 30th, Curly, which operates Market Curly, was recently traded at 30,600 won per share. It fell 73.6% from the peak in January (116,000 gained). Dunamu, which operates the cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, recorded 136,000 won, down 73.8% from the peak of 520,000 won in November last year.

Viva Republica, which operates Toss, cut a quarter from 157,000 won (last November) to 41,100 won. Kakao Mobility (-79.5%), Yanolja (-52.2%), and K-Bank (-53%) also recorded significant declines from their peak.

Individual investors who flocked to the over-the-counter stock market are suffering huge losses as they see publicly offered stocks such as SK Biopharmaceuticals and Kakao Bank soar after listing last year. In particular, there are comments that the 20s and 30s who led the ‘out-of-the-box craze’ will suffer great damage. It is estimated that people in their 20s and 30s account for around half of unlisted stock transactions.

Reporter Park Eui-myeong uimyung@hankyung.com

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