Park Na-rae admires Im Soo-hyang’s color house in ’13 Years of Trace’ “The interior is really good” (Save me Holmes)

(Export News Correspondent Kim Hyun-jeong) Lim Soo-hyang from ‘Save Holmes’ shared some interior tips.

The MBC entertainment program ‘Save me! In ‘Holmes’, actors Im Soo-hyang and Park Young-jin appeared as a team.

Lim Soo-hyang introduced, “This is a coordinator that has been prepared for 13 years. I really wanted to come. I really like ‘Save Holmes’.”

Park Na-rae, who was in the studio, pointed to Jo Hye-ryun, saying, “I am close with Cody Lim Soo-hyang. He said he was very excited to be coming to ‘Save Holmes’, but he didn’t participate in the drama shooting. That’s why I sent someone he could trust.”

Jo Hye-ryun trembled, saying, “It’s Jo Soo-hyang.” Boom said, “It’s like an assistant.” Yang Se-hyeong said, “He’s the best goalkeeper in Korea,” making everyone around him laugh.

The client is a single-person household who dreams of starting a bakery. The client, who had been working as a nurse at a university hospital, resigned to fulfill a dream that had been delayed. She hoped that the client’s desired area, who decided to move to Seoul, was about 30 minutes by public transportation to Sinchon Station, with a table space for baking practice and a space to take pictures of bread.

Im Soo-hyang and Park Young-jin found ‘Doc to Room Year’ in Hongje-dong, Seodaemun-gu, for the first sale. It takes 25 minutes by public transportation to get to Sinchon Station as it is close to a double station with Muakjae Station and Hongje Station within walking distance. Although the apartment was built in 1974, it was remodeled three years ago and showed a reversed interior, and there were two rooms and a dining space.

Lim Soo-hyang said that the house she is moving to is also a prison, and said, “I like the unique feel of a prison.”

In ‘Doc to Room Year’, a ceiling fan was the basic option in a neat living room in wood and white tones. Im Soo-hyang is a favorite item. It also appeared on TV (I live alone). Since then, sales have grown significantly. There is a cooling mode and a ventilation mode,” he boasted.

It was impressive to have a room that could fit two large beds. Im Soo-hyang pointed out Park Young-jin’s mustard clothes, saying, “I think it would be pretty if I gave it a point with curtains. How pretty would it be if there were curtains of this color?”

In fact, Im Soo-hyang’s house is wearing mustard-colored curtains. Park Na-rae admired, saying, “She is very good at interior design.”

Photo = MBC broadcast screen

Reporter Kim Hyun-jung

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