People are tight! Chatchart campaigns in the middle of the city ready to be ‘Governor of all’ promises not to disappoint

Chatchart No. 8, Star Krai, Siam-Silom-Yaowarat-Khaosan Wake up the people of Bangkok exercise the right to vote on May 22, ready to be “Governor of all” promises not to disappoint.

on May 20 Chatchat Sitthiphan Candidate for Bangkok Governor No. 8 campaign for the final curve Night Starburst Patrol Going through four key economic areas in Bangkok, Siam Square, Silom, Yaowarat and Khaosan, hoping to reach all groups of voters, such as the new generation, working age, the elderly and entrepreneurs. There were people actively listening to the policy and taking pictures. Chatchat stood on a wooden crate. ready to be “Governor of all” promises not to disappoint. Invite people in Bangkok Parade into booths to exercise rights on May 22, landslide in order to get the governor from the real consensus

Chatchat said that over the past two years of visiting the Bangkok 50 area, 1,600 square kilometers making them aware of the problems and needs of all groups of people believe that you can be “Governor of all” that can actually make a difference Confident that applying for an independent name is the right decision. Because there are tens of thousands of volunteers to join in moving forward to make Bangkok a livable city. Emphasize that Bangkok is responsible for all Bangkok people. Confident that 200+ policies can be done. Useful for all groups of people covering the needs from birth to old age

For the final curve of the Starburst Plan to the 4 key economic areas of Bangkok, Chatchat starts at Siam Square. listen to the problems and needs of the new generation Emphasize that children and youth are the main force of the development of Bangkok. Must create a mechanism for participation. Then take the BTS campaign to Silom area. Meeting working-age people as a driver of the city’s economy, Chatchat said that working-age people need a city that is well-managed, transparent and efficient. Policies must meet the needs of security and good quality of life.

Then travel by subway to Yaowarat. Cultural and residential areas of many elderly Chatchart emphasized that the elderly are the treasury of the city’s thoughts and experiences. In the past, the elderly were isolated. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration had to encourage the elderly to have jobs to create value in life. as well as the opportunity to exchange experiences with the new generation before ending at Khaosan One of the major tourist areas, Chatchat said that the BMA had to upgrade Bangkok. The city is the center of creative economy of the region. to expand opportunities and generate income for all groups

Chatchat urged people to come out and exercise their right to vote for the Bangkok governor on Sunday, May 22, 65 as much as possible in order to get the Bangkok governor who came from the real consensus from the majority vote. big Confident if you get the position Bangkok will be a livable city for everyone. with a promise not to disappoint Bangkokians

“Many people say that they leave Bangkok as well. Everyone seemed desperate and tired. But I believe we can I promise not to disappoint and ask us to walk together Bangkok will be better We will see a clear change. May 22, enter the booth number 8,” Chatchat said.

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