People’s Power Yoon Hyung-sun’s side publicity controversy


Participants of the ‘Lee Jae-myung Candidate Rejection Movement Rally’ held at Ojosan Park in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon on the 18th, marching with hand-held horses. Reporter Joo Young-min
People’s Power Candidate Yoon Hyung-sun, who ran for the National Assembly in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, is expected to be controversial after promoting a rally calling for the defeat of his opponent, Democratic Party candidate Lee Jae-myung.

‘Lee Jae-myung Rejection Movement Rally’ in which state power politicians such as Park Sang-eun and Oh Seong-gyu participated and delivered speeches

Candidate Hyung-sun Yoon distributed a text message to the media on the 17th, saying, “The residents of Gyeyang-gu are holding a rally for the election of candidate Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea. Please refer to this for the coverage of the reporters.”

The rally that Candidate Yoon revealed in the text message was held at 6 pm on the 18th at Ojosan Park in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon under the name of ‘Gyeyang-gu Residents’ Rally and March’. The organizers wrote that the purpose of the rally was ‘harmony of Gyeyang-gu residents’. The Incheon Gyeyang Police Station, which received the report of the assembly, said, “The report of the assembly was submitted by an individual resident of Gyeyang-gu, not by a specific organization.” Ojosan Park is about 250m away from the candidate Lee Jae-myung election office, and is the closest place to the candidate Lee election office, where large-scale assemblies are possible.

The rally, which is estimated to be attended by about 200 people, was attended by Oh Seong-gyu (69), former chairman of the Gap Party Association of the Liberty Korea Party, Incheon, his older brother Oh Young-gyu (74), former president of the Saemaul Undong Gyeyang-gu branch, and Park Sang-eun (72), a former member of the Grand National Party’s Ongjin-gun, Jung-gu, Incheon. gave a speech Most of them are politicians belonging to the People’s Power.

Their speeches were filled with content that criticized or supported conservative political ideology, citing examples reminiscent of candidate Lee Jae-myung. Some of them said, “If you tell us to fight for their election, it is a violation of the election law, so we appeal to you so that the person does not set foot in this area and does not become a resident bird.” Chairman Oh led the marching participants.

Participants marching holding hand signs such as ‘No corporate card, against running for BTS’

At that time, the protesters said, “Let’s send a candidate who has no cause or connection, who wants to cover up the truth and become a shield to their original place of residence.” Candidates, let’s support a candidate who knows the local sentiment well.”

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In addition, they marched around holding handwritten words such as “Gyeyang is a corporate card NO, Gyeyang is a suspect NO”, “Gyeyang is a hogu?

The rally was also an event where Kim Sang-jin (53), president of the New Freedom Coalition, a conservative civic group, provided sound equipment such as outdoor speakers. CEO Kim told the National Election Commission investigator, “I didn’t come here to campaign. I came to receive money to support equipment.”

The New Freedom Solidarity, which he represents, has reported to the Gyeyang Police Station that it will hold a rally in front of the presidential election office of candidate Lee Jae-myung by the 11th of next month, stating, ‘The Yun Seok-yeol government should wipe out criminals’.

On the night of the 18th, near the election office of the candidate’s camp, the group raised a number of banners with the contents of “The Yoon Seok-yeol government must eradicate corruption” and “Investigate corporate card thieves X, thieves X arrest”, etc. also did The Incheon Metropolitan Election Commission is checking whether these banners are illegal or not.

Captured text messages sent to the press by Candidate Hyung-sun Yoon, the People's Strength, on the 17th. Captured text messages sent to the press by Candidate Hyung-sun Yoon, the People’s Strength, on the 17th.

The National Election Commission “It doesn’t look like it’s referring to a specific candidate…it’s not a violation of the Election Act”

In fact, the rally was mostly about instigating Lee’s defeat, but the organizers decided that the official name of the event was ‘Gyeyang-gu Residents’ Rally and March’ seems to have acted on concerns that the event could violate the Public Official Election Act. This is because a person who is not registered as an election campaigner may be included in the case of an election campaign.

The current election law does not prohibit the election campaign. However, in the event that the candidate’s political party, name, photo, or banner, printed matter, or shoulder strap indicating the candidate’s name or name can be inferred in the course of the campaign, or if accompanied by actions such as signature campaigns or illegal processions, It is a violation of the election law. The rally was broadcast live on YouTube with titles such as “Rally to urge the arrest of criminals and fugitives.”

This is because the court, which makes the final judgment on whether or not the election law is violated, is an activity conducted for the purpose of dropping a specific candidate from the election, but in actual effect and behavior, it is not different from an election campaign conducted for the election of other candidates. In other words, whether the election campaign violates the election law is determined by whether or not the voters can recall the candidate they want to lose through the act.

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The Incheon National Election Commission said the assembly was not in violation of the election law. An official from the National Election Commission said, “We do not judge that hand gestures or banners used at the rally refer to a specific candidate.

However, the official explained, “I made this judgment because it was an event held one day before the official election period, but if such a rally was held during the campaign period, it seems that stricter standards would have been applied.”

“‘I don’t take 000 sign’ also violates the Election Act”… Suspicion of watching

Some raise suspicions that the decision of the National Election Commission should be considered. The opinion is that the phrases used in the meeting can be sufficiently reminiscent of a specific candidate.

Lee Kwang-ho, secretary general of Incheon Peace and Welfare Coalition, who lost the election during the 2016 general election and was sentenced to a fine for violating the Public Official Election Act last year, said, “Basically, we insist on freedom of expression in the election campaign. is right and now it’s wrong’ seems to have been applied,” he said.

Secretary-General Lee is making this claim because the activities that he judged guilty of the election campaign as guilty during the 2016 general election were related to hand-petting. At that time, about 1,000 progressive civil society organizations across the country, such as the Incheon Peace and Welfare Solidarity and Participation Solidarity, formed the ‘2016 General Election Citizen Network (hereinafter referred to as the General Election Net)’ and independently selected 35 candidates for the intensive election, and targeted them on the Internet homepage and Facebook page. A poll was conducted to select the ’10 worst candidates’.

Afterwards, he was handed over to trial on charges of conducting an election campaign under the guise of holding press conferences 12 times using ‘placards, loudspeakers, and hand gestures’ in front of the election office of the candidates selected as the worst candidates.

The ‘2016 General Election Citizens Network’, which had a campaign to lose during the 2016 general election, shouted slogans at the ‘General Election Net Voter Committee Comprehensive Presentation Press Conference’ at the Solidarity for Participation in Tongin-dong, Seoul. I see a sign saying “I don’t take 000!” Reporter Hwang Jin-hwan
In fact, they received a suspended sentence of not guilty on most of the charges, but the ‘hole hand sign’ held them back until the very end. The issue was whether the punched-out sign was a print that addressed a particular candidate. At that time, they worked by putting the phrase “I don’t take 000” on a hand sign with a hole in the shape of a window without the name or photo of a specific candidate.

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The Supreme Court judged, “It is possible to specify the object of the objection by considering the purpose and place of holding the picket and the contents of the speech while holding the picket.” In other words, although the target or characteristics of the campaign were not specified on the hand sign at all, it could be viewed as an election campaign by summarizing the places where the assembly was held.

Secretary-General Lee Kwang-ho said, “At the time, the election campaign was carried out according to the guidance of the National Election Commission, and the National Election Commission said there was no problem. He said, “It is noteworthy how they will judge when they accused the opposition party of losing the election in the first election held under the Yun Seok-yeol administration.”

On the 18th, 'Lee Jae-myung Rejection Movement Rally' was held at Ojosan Park in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, where candidate Yoon Hyung-seon, a candidate for the People's Power, had a conversation with officials after the event.  Reporter Joo Young-minOn the 18th, ‘Lee Jae-myung Rejection Movement Rally’ was held at Ojosan Park in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon, where candidate Yoon Hyung-seon, a candidate for the People’s Power, had a conversation with officials after the event. Reporter Joo Young-min

Yoon Hyung-sun “I didn’t know about the assembly… It seems that the staff sent a text message after judging themselves”

There are also rumors about the fact that Candidate Yoon’s side knew about the campaign plan in advance and reported it to the media. This is because, from the perspective of Candidate Yoon, this rally has the character of a pre-election campaign held right before the official election campaign period. It is analyzed that there is no reason to inform the media in advance of an assembly that is not an election campaign unless it is judged that it is an assembly that is favorable to Candidate Yoon.

Candidate Yoon and the camp officials both claimed that they were unaware of the rally. Candidate Yoon said, “I didn’t know anything about the meeting, and it was a coincidence that I passed the meeting place.”

On the other hand, candidate Yoon’s schedule manager said, “I don’t know anything about the assembly because it’s not an event that the candidate personally visits.”


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