Physician Yong predicts that most people today will be infected with covid in 3 several years. Cannot escape the rules of mother nature

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11 August 2022 12:06

Mo Yong predicts that the bulk of individuals will be infected with COVID-19 in three years. no distinct from the epidemics of the past Unable to escape the policies of character

On August 11, 2022, Professor Dr. Yong Phuworawan, head of the Heart specializing in medical virology. Office of Pediatrics College of Drugs Chulalongkorn University Fb posts about COVID-19, we are unable to escape the principles of nature.

In the earlier, there have been quite a few fatal cases. Regardless of whether it is really smallpox, plague, and clinical facts is not as current as it is these days. We were being equipped to go each individual other until finally today. The epidemic will not very last as prolonged as COVID-19 is today.

in accordance with the policies of evolution Rabbits are utilized to injury agricultural crops. So human beings use a virus that will cause critical disease in rabbits to death. and a plague on the rabbits As a outcome, a lot of rabbits died. But there will be numerous who are resistant to this virus. and waiting around for reproduction afterwards enhance the exact amount of money

Looking back again at previous outbreaks Most outbreaks past a yr and are extremely contagious, these kinds of as cholera all through the reign of King Rama II or the Spanish flu in the course of the reign of King Rama VI. The epidemic only lasts a 12 months and gets to be a seasonal ailment. But there are pretty a several losses. in particular susceptible groups, all over 1 for each cent of the inhabitants

We estimate that there will be a single flu almost every 3 yrs, and on typical 9 yrs they will get the a few flu A (H1N1, H3N2) and B, so in kids below 9, if you have in no way had a flu vaccination in advance of? The first dose of life should be presented twice, 1 thirty day period apart, but any individual more than the age of 9 is considered likely to have caught the flu. The vaccination will be a solitary booster for COVID-19, possibly the very same if it requires a few years.

Correct now, our medication is much better. The epidemic, we have been preventing it all together. lengthen the length of the scenarios And in the end, the the greater part of the inhabitants would possibly be contaminated with the ailment. Like flu, a viral condition, mostly in young children, the symptoms are delicate. Indications are more serious in susceptible groups.

We have extended the epidemic time period to two and a half decades in purchase to build treatment method and avoidance with vaccines. but to decrease the severity The the latest outbreak has resulted in a huge variety of infected people today. it can be in the tens of 1000’s If it is included, infected persons have couple of or no signs and did not verify It could be a hundred thousand. The challenge of the disorder is as a result in the certain vulnerable group. The number of clinic stays is 2,000-3,000 people today, 20-30 deaths.

We accept the reality that this ailment will be with us forever. and will be ready to stay together. The virus will damage us significantly less. We have a much better immune method. who have been vaccinated or by now contaminated and obtain much better medication The reduction fee will be lower. Like standard respiratory conditions, in particular in youngsters, when they improve up, they will have immunity. And if it is contaminated, the severity of the disease will be fewer.

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