“Pink Line” Test Drive Smoothly as Opening Date Approaches

MRT Pink Line Progress: On Track for Opening in December 2023

The highly anticipated “Pink Line” of the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) is smoothly moving towards its opening date in December 2023. With a planned trial period and evaluation, commuters can expect a seamless and efficient travel experience on this new route.

Smooth Test Drive and Station System Check

The Khae Rai – Min Buri section of the project, undertaken by the Project Concessionaire Company, is currently undergoing continuous trial runs without encountering any issues. Not only is the internal movement of the cars from the garage to maintenance being tested, but the station staff are also diligently checking the availability and functionality of various systems within the station. Furthermore, the trains are being tested according to the designated schedule, ensuring their reliability.

Phased Testing and Opening: A Detailed Overview

Phase 1 of the Pink Line, covering the route from Min Buri Station (PK30) to Government Center Station (PK12), is undergoing extensive testing until October 22, 2023. This will be followed by Phase 2, which includes the stretch from Min Buri Station (PK30) to Nonthaburi Government Center Station (PK01). The testing for Phase 2 will continue until November 19, 2023. With a comprehensive trial run spanning approximately 3 months, the Pink Line aims to officially commence operations on December 18, 2023.

Thorough Evaluation and Opening to the Public

Following the trial period, an Independent Certifying Engineer (ICE) and the MRTA will evaluate the performance and readiness of the Pink Line’s civil works, vehicle operations, and electrical systems. This evaluation ensures the project’s safety and readiness for opening to the public. In mid-November 2023, the Pink Line will be open for a one-month free trial, allowing commuters to experience its convenience firsthand. By mid-December 2023, regular fare collection will begin.

Almost There: Over 97% Completion

The construction progress of the Pink Line stands at an impressive 97.54% completion. Commuters can look forward to a similar pricing structure as the Yellow Line, with fares starting at 15 baht and reaching a maximum of 45 baht.

“Pink Line” test drive smoothly Get ready to sit for free this November. Ready to open for service on 18 Dec ’23


MRT Pink Line Project Progress: Khae Rai – Min Buri Section Project Concessionaire Company Notify the progress to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) that it is currently in continuous trial, which has not found any problems. Including moving the car internally between the garage and maintenance, allowing the station staff to check the availability of various systems in the station and testing the train according to the train schedule.


Phase 1 from Min Buri Station (PK30) to Government Center Station (PK12) and will be tested until October 22, 2023, then Phase 2 will be followed along the route from Min Buri Station (PK30) to Station Nonthaburi Government Center (PK01), which will be tested until November 19, 2023, including a trial run time of approximately 3 months and ready for service on December 18, 2023.


After the trial period, an Independent Certifying Engineer (ICE) and the MRTA will evaluate the performance. and assess the readiness of all civil works, vehicle operation and electrical systems of the project that it is ready and safe allowing the service to be opened It is expected that it will be open to the public for a 1 month free trial around mid November 2023 and start collecting prices around mid-December 2023.


Currently, construction is over 97.54% complete. It is expected to be similar to the price for the Yellow Line electric train starting at 15 baht and reaching a maximum of 45 baht.

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