Police raid three residences of Osstem Implant embezzlement employee’s family

Osstem employee arrested for embezzlement of 188 billion won

The police announced on January 5 that they arrested Lee Mo (45), an Osstem Implant employee, who is accused of stealing 188 billion won from the company. The photo shows Mr. Lee entering the Gangseo Police Station in Seoul on the morning of January 6th. [연합뉴스 자료사진]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Gyu-bin Hong = On the 10th, the police seized and searched three residences of the family of an aunt (45, arrested) who embezzled 221.5 billion won from the Osstem implant company.

The Gangseo Police Station in Seoul conducted a search and seizure at the residence of Lee’s wife, father, and sister in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, in the afternoon of the same day to determine whether Lee’s family was an accomplice.

It seems to be to secure evidence that the company money that Mr. Lee embezzled did not flow into the family of Mr. Lee, and whether he did not conspire or help escape or hide in advance of Mr. Lee’s crime.

The police formally booked Lee’s wife and sister-in-law and investigated whether they were complicit.

Earlier, it was revealed that Lee used embezzlement money to purchase real estate worth 7.5 billion won in the name of his wife and sister-in-law.

He purchased an apartment and officetel in Paju, Gyeonggi-do for 2.89 billion won in his wife’s name, and an apartment in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, for 1.65 billion won in his wife’s name. He also bought a membership to a luxury resort on Jeju Island worth 3 billion won in his wife’s name.

In addition, it is known that before the disappearance in December, he donated a commercial building he owned to his wife and sister-in-law, one by one, and repaid the loan that was tied to the building.

Lee’s wife was on a different floor of the same building when Lee was arrested on the 5th. This building was previously donated by Mr. Lee to his wife, and the fourth floor is being used as the couple’s home.


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