“Prescribing propofol knowing childhood addiction… ‘Bed Beer’ Business”

Actor Yoo Ah-in. /news1

While the police were investigating actor Yoo Ah-in (37, Um Hong-sik) for drug use, it was said that the doctor may have prescribed propofol even though he knew that Yoo Ah-in was an addict. Some hospitals are said to promote the administration of propofol to addicts.

Choi Jin-mook, head of the Incheon Dark Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Center, talked about a text message sent to Ah-in Yoo by the doctor at the hospital on CBS radio’s ‘Park Jae-hong’s Battle’ on the 17th, and said, “The the doctor knew (A-in Yoo) was addicted.” The director of the hospital in charge of Yoo Ah-in’s treatment is said to have sent warning messages such as “You should not use too many sedatives” and “You should not move from one hospital to another.”

Director Choi said, “It sounds like ‘just come to our hospital’ backwards.” He continued, “‘Would you like to come to my hospital because it’s dangerous to walk around? just stay here I felt like, ‘I’ll take care of it.'” He said, “Patients don’t think it’s a drug because the doctor prescribes it,” and “the real problem isn’t feeling’ n guilty.”

A text message sent to Yoo Ah-in by the director of the hospital where Yoo Ah-in was administered propofol. / MBC

Director Choi said, “In the case of propofol addicts, doctors will know unconditionally if they see the integrated drug management system once.” Some hospitals even said they were doing ‘sales’ for propofol addicts. He said, “Chairmen of dermatology and plastic surgery clinics text their addict friends in the morning, saying, ‘We’re free today. When the bed is occupied, propofol is administered from the time the hospital door opens until it closes. In the words of center director Choi, “do business” in the same way as ‘Do a procedure for 5 million won’ or ‘Do a procedure for 10 million won’. As a result, he said, “If you become addicted to propofol, it costs a lot of money to the extent that a family can go bankrupt.”

The police plan to call in Yoo Ah-in as a suspect next week for questioning. Last month, the police took over the results of the National Forensic Service analysis that Yoo Ah-in’s hair and urine tested positive for four types of drugs: hemp, propofol, cocaine, and ketamine.

During the search and seizure by the police, the doctor who prescribed propofol to Yoo Ah-in was seen administering propofol himself. The court rejected Shin’s arrest warrant, saying, “I admitted my mistake and the relevant evidence was secured.”

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