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Prof. afflicted with COVID-19 at the southern border, 21 deaths, 5 provinces, 2,918 sick

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Dr. Sumani Watcharasin, Director of the Risk Communications Bureau, Department of Disease Control

Prof. reports on the crisis of Covid in the “southern border”. Sickness and death are soaring. “Yala-Nakhon Si Thammarat-Pattani-Songkhla-Narathiwat”, 21 deaths from eight southern provinces, found a traveler from “Malaysia” spreading the disease front part Sticking to the South of Covid-19

On October 18, 2021, Dr. Sumani Watcharasin, Director of the Risk Communications Bureau, Department of Disease Control, announced the daily situation of COVID-19 that there were 10,111 new cases of COVID-19, classified as 10,046 in the country. 24 foreign cases, 41 prison/detention cases

1,764,949 cumulative confirmed cases, 10,612 additional recoveries, 1,640,824 cumulative recoveries, 1,668,250 cumulative recoveries since 63

Today, 63 people have died, 18,242 cumulative deaths, 18,336 cumulative deaths since 63, while 107,226 patients are treated, 41,894 are hospitalized, 65,332 are in hospital, 2,831 are in severe condition and are wearing aids. 644 breaths

Southern border loop 23% more infections

The trend of infection in the country (From the graph below) divided into Bangkok and its vicinities (blue line graph), it can be seen that the trend has decreased to only 16%, which is clearly the direction of the reduction of infection. while the provinces (green line graph) has the same downward direction. but a slow decline

for infection in the southern border (Orange line graph) The direction of infection has increased steadily from last week by 16-17 %, but today it has increased to 23%, which is worrisome by Prof. Small set has been discussed. Analysis of the causes of infection in the southern border provinces

21 more deaths in the south, “Nakhon Si Thammarat”, the most 8 people

At the same time, the infection in the southern border The same is true for today’s death toll at 63, with 21 deaths reported in the South, eight from Nakhon Si Thammarat, three in Prachuap Khiri Khan, three in Phuket, two in Surat Thani and Narathiwat, one each in Yala, Chumphon and Satun.

94% of all deaths Still, from the elderly aged 60 years and over, 44 cases accounted for 70%, less than 60 years old, 15 cases, accounting for 24%, had no history of chronic disease, 4 cases, or 6%.

5 provinces “South” are on the top list with the most infections.

Reporting the 10 provinces with the most infections In the second to sixth provinces, Yala 756, Nakhon Si Thammarat 615, Songkhla 579, Pattani 502, and Narathiwat 466, respectively. 7, Rayong 402, Chonburi 354, Chiang Mai 314, and Samut Prakan 247 cases

Found a traveler from “Malaysia” spreading the disease in the south

When analyzing the infection in the provinces with the highest number of new infections in the southern region from April 1 to mid-October 2021, it was found that the risk factors were not only from the entertainment venues first. also from prisons, inmates, factories, people with respiratory symptoms coming from risk areas

In addition, cases have also been found to have come from neighboring countries such as Malaysia and have spread in Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani provinces.

Keep an eye on the cluster of 10 provinces continuously.

For other clusters in the 10 provinces with the most infections The one that continues to focus on and monitor continuously is the construction cluster camp in Chanthaburi province, Rayong province. In Chonburi province, it was found that the infection was from the rubber plantation cooperative fund and also from the fruit groves which were found in Chanthaburi province.

As for the funeral cluster still continue And there are many other provinces, including Lamphun, Khon Kaen, Loei, Sa Kaeo and Kanchanaburi.

The Prime Minister has set up a center to control the Covid South, appointing Gen. Nattaphon to sit as the front office director.

while the infection situation in the southern region tends to increase Most of the deaths were in the south. from today’s report General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, as the Director of the Prof. has ordered the establishment of an integrated center to solve the Covid-19 situation. In the southern border provinces, consisting of Narathiwat, Yala, Pattani and Songkhla by Gen. Nattapon Nakpanich, advisor to the Prime Minister. as director of the center It comes into effect today (Oct. 18)

In addition to the aforementioned center, Prof. Small set also discussed the sending of qualified persons from the Department of Disease Control. to assist in further investigation of the disease in the southern region.

Countdown 2 weeks “Open the country”

Dr. Sumani said that in addition to the problem of the Covid-19 situation In the southern border areas, a small meeting of the CCC also discussed the issue of opening up the country. From today (October 18), there is a preparation period of only two weeks before November 1. The plan to open the country has been discussed by many agencies, including the BOE, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Public health, academics and experts have been preparing before making travel plans for a long time and has been adjusted many times

There are discussions with the business sector. establishment There may not be the best form. or the most complete But it has to be the most feasible. to take measures to ensure that people are safe and the health system is stable

list of countries or flight in fact Some countries are not yet open to people outside their own country. but the opening of the flight It is a convenience for Thai people in that country to travel back home more easily. But still have to follow strict public health measures.

Prepare for 3 aspects to receive “open the country”

In addition, Dr. Sumani said that there are still periodic discussions to open the country, which must be prepared in three areas. The first is whether the epidemic situation must be stable or stable.

The second aspect is to consider the capacity of public health. that they are ready in terms of prevention, control and treatment

The third aspect is the blue pilot areas, 15 provinces must have a vaccine coverage of not less than 70%.

“So the opening of the country must be gradual. and have to gradually open If it’s ready first, it’s open first. The main measures to open must be under Covid free setting measures. We are currently in the pilot phase of opening the country. and has opened Phuket Sandbox The Phuket Sandbox is a good example of how we will open the country in other blue pilot provinces in the next phase.”

The principle of opening the country phase 1 must come from countries designated by the Ministry of Health that are at low risk. and must come from air only or by plane There is a document certifying that the vaccination has been completed 2 doses as required by the government. Must have a negative RT-PCR test for coronavirus and at least $50,000 in health insurance.

Upon arrival in Thailand, RT-PCR must be repeated one more time, whether it is OQ, ASQ or Cha Plus Hotel with a double hospital center. and when the result is negative, it will travel into the blue area pilotable

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