Read it and startled. “Moo Dilok” posted floating, tall ego adults, other people knew, but no one dared to warn.

After reading it, there is a startled “Moo Dilok” posts floating around. Tall ego adults. Other people know, but no one dares to warn.

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I don’t know what’s in my mind make a big star “Pork Dilok” came out to post a long message on personal Instagram causing many people to wonder if this strange post Like it’s about to speak to someone or not? Or maybe it’s just gibberish.

The message states that “Happy New Year, I wish you happiness and good health. When life progresses to middle age The thing that I fear the most is when we get old What kind of person will we be? Will we still listen to the warnings from others around us?

We are not open-minded, open-minded, accepting new things, taking the perspective of a weaker person. growing up with the environment Is it different? Ego or Ego Who thinks that they are better, better, because they have been through, met before, know before We are always cheaper than others, right?

if that day and without cross-checking himself until the mind gradually narrows and eventually we become adults in a way that we don’t like It must have been a very sad story. and it will be more sad than that If you don’t know but the saddest If everyone else knows but no one dared to warn Cr,by*one friend*


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