Red Shirts Sanan Ratchaprasong Dance Car audio system up sign ‘Love Thaksin’

Red Shirts Sanan Ratchaprasong Dance Car audio system up sign ‘Love Thaksin’

On May 19, reporters reported the atmosphere at Ratchaprasong intersection at 4:30 p.m. There were many Red Shirts from different provinces. Gradually gathered to commemorate the dissolution of the Red Shirts rally in 2010, with groups sitting on the pedestrian walkway in front of the Central World Department Store on Ratchadamri Road, spreading from the corner of the road heading to Pratunam. Distribution of free food and beverages to the participants Along with selling souvenirs, there are messages related to the fight for democracy.

Reporters reported that The point that received a lot of attention was the speech of ‘Fah’ Phromsorn Wirathamjari, a group of Mutelu people. Which is said through a loudspeaker with sacrifices prepared, such as pig heads, waiting for activities. The content of the speech is related to the election of the Bangkok governor, introducing the history of each candidate. especially those related to the NCPO and the NCPO.

Then there was a symbolic dance performed by a woman wearing a white mask.

At 5:30 p.m., an audio car has a picture of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra with the message ‘Love Thaksin, welcomes the Prime Minister of the People’s Grassroots’, playing the song ‘Love the Red Shirts’. That ‘Kaew Mod Kan Fai’, an artist for life, plays live music to lull. by this time The Red Shirts gathered more and more respectively. Police officers rushed to take care of the surrounding traffic.

Waranchai Chokchana, candidate for Bangkok governor number 22, traveled to the campaign area. Wearing a white polo shirt, screened number 22 with a nameplate introducing himself under the New Generation Party. with a campaign speech

On the overpass in front of Central World Leaders of placards calling for justice for youths were followed at various points, with messages such as ‘They are imprisoned without guilt’, ‘What justice does the youth’, along with a picture of ‘Ploy’, a youth with his head hanging in front of the prison protesting. Petition for the right to bail for ‘Tawan’, etc.


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