Restoring daily routine for a while… Reducing private gatherings to 6 people, restaurant and cafe quarantine pass


Hello everyone.

In the end, we decided to pause for a moment.

It has been a month since I took the first difficult step with a step-by-step recovery of daily life.

Because if we go on like this, things could get worse.

Three days later, from next Monday, our daily life will be different from now, and reporter Hyo-yeon Lee first summarized what changes.


How many private gatherings?

Private gatherings can hold up to 6 people in the metropolitan area and up to 8 people in non-metropolitan areas.

Exceptions are made for families living together or for seniors and children in need of care.

Where is the new quarantine pass applied?

New additions include restaurants, cafes, academies, cinemas and performance halls, reading rooms, PC rooms, indoor sports arenas, museums and art galleries, and libraries.

What facilities are not covered by the quarantine pass?

Wedding halls, funeral halls, amusement parks and water parks, arcades, shops and marts, department stores, outdoor sports venues, outdoor sports facilities, lodging facilities, kids cafes, first birthday parties, etc.

How many people are not vaccinated?

In restaurants and cafes, only one person who has not been vaccinated can hold a private meeting.

It is okay for unvaccinated people to use restaurants and cafes alone.

What are the operating hours of the multi-use facility?

There are no restrictions on business hours.

Entertainment facilities that were previously restricted to operating hours until 24 hours will remain restricted.

How many people participate in the wedding/first birthday party?

If it consists of less than 100 people, regardless of whether they are vaccinated, and those who have completed inoculation, it is less than 500 people, which is not different from the existing standard.

What is the age for exceptions to the quarantine pass?

The age of exception for the quarantine pass has been strengthened from 18 years old or younger to 11 years old or younger.

The vaccination started late and will be effective from February 1 next year, considering the 8 weeks of vaccination.

How long is this action?

It will be implemented for 4 weeks from next Monday to January 2, next year, and the period may be adjusted depending on the epidemic situation.

However, the quarantine pass is given a training period of one week to reduce on-site confusion.

This is Hyoyeon Lee from KBS News.

Video Editing: Woong Lee / Graphics: Seok-Hoon Koh and Hyun-Seok Kim

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