Review 23:23 Signal EP.13: “Nakul” becomes a suspect Involved in killing the police!

Review 23:23 Sign EP.13 : The case of a female student who was mentioned on the school forum. This is the last case that Yodchai (Chakrit Yamnam) did in order to follow the story in the past. Lieutenant Win (Nakul Chanon Santinatornkul) asked for help for Yodchai to help him again through the radio. And this event caused Lieutenant Win’s brother to die in the past and in the present, Rong Phakdi (Elevator Suphot Chancharoen) is about to reveal the whole story. but before being killed In addition, Lieutenant Win is also a suspect. In this incident, Risa (Pancakes Khemanit Jamikorn) must help Lieutenant Win. did he have to tell the truth!

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Review 23:23 signal contract EP.13

In the past, there was Colonel Komdej (Young Kongkapan) receives a call from someone. In the case of a gang-raped child who was gang-raped by a high school boy in the present tense Win a category (Nakul Chanon) Voha top male commander (Chakrit Yamnam) wanted him to help with this matter. in the meantime the Komdet Commander asked to do this case himself. and it was advised to conduct the case briefly Finally, Captain Yodchai offered himself to do this case by asking winner (Chalat Na Songkhla) help him in this case. The police dropped ten cases at Panya Thawee School. and Commander Komdet ordered to find the original mail that had posted the message on the web. And in this case, Yodchai and Pakdee (Elevator Suphot) got to know each other.

who is currently the daughter of Rong Pakdee Lying in the ICU what symptoms are not fighting well Rong Phakdee had a sad face and came to terms with his daughter’s condition. On the other hand, the commander Komdet was shouting at Rong Phakdi, who knew that Lieutenant Win is the younger brother Watt (Non Sadanon), the boy who died in the rape of a female student gang, the commander Komdej was angry with the Vice Phakdi and threatened a gun, and if he knew he was betrayed, he would not spare the Sub Phakdee’s life as well, the Sub Phakdi didn’t this time, what else are you interested in? because in the past he had to suffer because his daughter was sick He walked out of the room fearlessly. After that, MrWin a category Let’s meet at the hospital. he has something to say He told Lieutenant Win that he was the person who changed the rhetoric case. Lieutenant Win immediately rushed to the hospital. In the past, they investigated the case in this matter. Phakdi and Yodchai, Lada’s father, said that the person who did it was the person who traveled in the same group. Lada’s father was angry. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. He said that Lada likes to hang out with a group of male friends. Yodchai wants to ask But Lada’s father didn’t allow it. the same as the Lieutenant’s Brother’s wat I want to visit Lada, but my father stops me every time. The case was examined a little while ago. he began to suggest that the case would be closed in which Yodchai saw many abnormalities And followed all the time and finally Wat secretly took some evidence and placed it in front of Yodchai’s car. which is a picture of excellent students in the whole group

Win a category Came to the hospital as arranged with the Sub-Pakdee. But Warongpakdee was badly attacked. He tried to tell Lieutenant Win that Heard the big man’s voice on the secret radio. He insisted it was unlikely. Because the upper man’s body is still in the water. He admitted to killing the tallest man himself. Lieutenant Win was shocked. Rong Phakdee said it all started with the gang rape of girls at Panya Thawee School. Deputy Phakdee said he had no choice and apologized to Lieutenant Win. before he lost consciousness Lieutenant Win took Rong Phakdi to the hospital. Lieutenant Win was speechless with the stories he had learned. until the Sub-Phakdi’s subordinates create a story about why Sub-Phakdee died. And what exactly happened? Risa, the sword and the nasty black gang together. Lieutenant Win said nothing. Until Commander Komdet came to investigate Lieutenant Win hard But since there is no evidence, Lieutenant Win Commander Komdej could not answer, so he was suspected of killing the Deputy Phakdee. Because before that, there was a policeman who saw that he had fought with Deputy Phakdi before. All police forces were asked to do this case. Except for the black case team And Lieutenant Win must prove himself from this case.

The police investigated Rong Phakdee’s story until they discovered that Rong Phakdee’s daughter had bone marrow cancer. and died shortly after the deputy died that other police officers are aware of The police reported to the Commander Komdet. Regarding the bank account and the phone, Chat, the owner of the inn, revealed that Lieutenant Win was in conflict with Rong Pakdee. conflict of interest Lieutenant Win fell under suspicion again. Risa Quickly inquire about the Win category. Why not tell everyone that there is a problem with Deputy Loyalty? He asked Lieutenant Win to tell the truth. So said Vice-Phakdi the highest man. and Chat, the inn warden, Deputy Phakdi, was the one who killed the tallest man. Before his death, Deputy Phakdee tells Win and Pak And he also said that he started with a case of gang rape And whoever thought of doing this case must have died in the past. top man Investigate the case and take the outstanding student. Come and ask for information from the director. But the director seems to have answered hastily, giving only the story. He followed the tallest man to the house of a boy named Anan. Wat’s friend pushed him to the exam until Anan’s father reprimanded him. Colonel Komdet said he was breaking the rules of the investigation. Anan wanted to tell the truth, but had to be stopped because of his father’s influence to save him. Anan says Watt invite books to study at home Lieutenant Win tells Risa about the 2000 case file, which has a very weak case. Risa asks Win to tell her all the hidden stories.

Lieutenant Win said that Wat had been arrested, his father was very angry, thinking that Wat had done something bad. Father took Win away because he understood that Wat had actually made a mistake Her parents had to divorce, but the following year, her mother said that Wat had left the detention facility. he came home Because I want to see my brother But in the end, he came back to find that Wat had died. And then, four years later, he learned the truth from a senior that everyone complained about Wat and said that he met walking in the center with Lada although it is not true Lieutenant Win remembered that that senior officer at a time the event still plowing the money of Lieutenant Win. Senior told Lieutenant Win that The police ordered him to say that. Because of the house that makes Wat without any connections and was blamed as a goat in that case Lieutenant Win was hurt and told Risa that this case was all staged.

in the past The best man investigated all the good students in the gang. Everyone blames Wat. and they said the same thing Until it was like an inn Only Lada didn’t mention Wat’s name. Where Wat was arrested and brought to the Yodchai police station to investigate Wat with a worried expression, asked if Wat said he hadn’t. and no one forced Wat said that he saw Yodchai go to the hospital and secretly took a picture of the group of good students who caused the crime to Yodchai and told Yodchai that this was not the one who did it. And he didn’t understand why his friend said Wat was doing it. and forced everyone, the great successor, he came to see infinite Wat’s friend at home wants me to tell you the truth. Anan wants to say But Anan’s father refused. The best men follow these ten stories again. He tried to find out that this was definitely happening near the water source. And he still intends to continue investigating this matter. In which he saw the unusualness of many cases. Join to win and watch the series “23:23 Signal Agreement” every Friday – Saturday at 8:00 PM, free to watch on all networks in TrueID.

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