REVIEW | Review of Samsung Galaxy M53 5G, a complete mobile phone, 120Hz screen, smooth game play, beautiful camera, durable battery, friendly price

Samsung Galaxy M53 5G, a mobile phone that is said to be the most complete device. It can be used to cover everything today with a large sAMOLED screen, bright colors. Smooth refresh rate with powerful specs, ready to play 3D graphics games without problems. It also has 4 rear cameras with a resolution of 108MP with different modes to play like the flagship model. With a battery that can endure up to 5000 mAh, but comes with a light body design, easy to carry … if anyone wants to know how useful the real thing is Let’s have a look at the reviews.

Lightweight design, weighing less than 200 grams.

The first thing I see and like for this mobile phone is the design of the device that must be said that it’s really light, with the device being only 7.4 mm thin and weighs only 176 grams. Compared to a 6.7-inch screen and a 5000 mAh battery, I have to say that I will find it for a long time for a mobile phone. The battery is tough, but it weighs less than 200 grams.

The back of the device has a square camera module that is slightly convex. There are all 4 cameras arranged symmetrically. And there is a flash hanging down below the module.

The back cover of the machine is made of polycarbonate with a matte finish. But there are still fingerprints to be seen from use. Which here, anyway, still have to find a case to put together

Smooth sAMOLED screen 120Hz

The Galaxy M53’s screen is completely uncluttered with a sAMOLED panel that delivers bright colors. Can fight the light in the daytime comfortably. Comes with a resolution of FHD + and also has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

By this refresh rate, we can adjust 2 levels: 120Hz and 60Hz.

If you use it to watch Netflix, you can watch it in HD. It’s really sharp.

Unfortunately, the effort is to use a sAMOLED screen, but the fingerprint sensor is not under the screen. But it’s right next to the Power button.

Strong specification, comfortable game

Galaxy M53 has a specification that can be used in today’s slick everything with a Dimensity 900 chip and 8GB of RAM and also comes with technology. RAM Plus borrows the built-in storage capacity to add up to 8GB of RAM for a total of 16GB. Increase overall efficiency to be smoother than before (To change the RAM Plus size, each time you have to restart the device)

Tested by playing a hit game with brutal 3D graphics such as Genshin Impact, setting Default (Low) and playing smoothly… there may be occasional hiccups when there is a lot of screen movement. that as much as the system provides is enough because when I try to adjust it up a bit higher and then see periodic spasms

Genshin Impact set Default, play comfortably.

Apex Legend with default settings can be played comfortably without any stuttering, while PUBG New State has no problems. It can be played without problems even with many enemies. In addition, I didn’t find any kind of hallucinogenic touches. I turned around and shot and shot.

Apex Legend is slick.

108MP rear camera with features from senior flagship

Galaxy M53 provides up to 4 rear cameras, consisting of a main camera with a resolution of 108MP + 8MP Ultrawide Camera + 2MP Macro Camera + 2MP Depth Camera and a 32MP front camera. From the example below

Video recording mode can record up to FHD 60fps and 4K 30fps, while Super Steady image stabilization can only be used at FHD 30fps resolution.

FHD Steady

FHD 60fps

4K 30fps

Single take

Single take mode is a fun mode that allows you to hold the camera for 10 seconds and after that use the AI ​​system to extract interesting parts to make still images. and a short video clip like Boomerang or fast forward for fun to watch.

You can choose within 10 seconds what kind of photos + videos you want to capture.

Object Eraser Remove unwanted objects in an image.

The Galaxy M53 also comes with a cool feature like Object eraser that allows us to easily remove unwanted objects from images.

Select Object eraser and highlight the object to be erased.

But suggest that if it is smooth The background should be a color + a smooth scene, if the background has a pattern. or other objects are included, even after the desired object has been removed. But it won’t be as smooth.

The white car has been removed…it’s smooth.

Long battery, fast charging

The battery of this mobile phone is also given up to 5000 mAh for general use. Put a 5G SIM outside the house while on the train for about an hour, use the web. Play a few games, watch some YouTube clips, go to the office, connect to the WiFi, take a few photos and video, come home late at night, still have almost 50% of the battery left.

Test hard by opening a clip from YouTube, FHD resolution, about 60% screen brightness and about 60% sound from speakers, connected to WiFi, playing for a total of 9 and a half hours, found that 36% of the battery is left. It is called watching the Kanta series. Wet still have battery left to use for another day. The charging system supports a maximum of 25W, which can be charged from 0 – 50% in about half an hour.



  • sAMOLED screen, beautiful, clear, fight the sun
  • 120Hz high refresh rate
  • Wave specification can play all popular games (depending on settings)
  • RAM Plus expandable up to 8GB
  • Good quality rear camera in normal and low light conditions.
  • The stabilization system when shooting video is considered stable.
  • Long battery life
  • A slim body for a mobile phone with a battery of this size.


  • The back cover is easy to stain.
  • Refresh rate adjustable only 60Hz / 120Hz
  • single speaker The sound is not that loud.
  • Take pictures in low light, focus is a bit slow.
  • Still have to scan your finger on the Power button.

Let me tell you that the Galaxy M53 5G is a very complete mobile phone. One model if anyone is looking for a mobile phone with a light design, easy to carry. But has a long battery life, can be used for a long time, overnight And also a gamer who likes to play 3D graphics games, including the rear camera with good quality, I recommend the Galaxy M53 5G in one model’s heart. The selling price in our home is at 13,999 baht but there will beEarly Bird promotion, if you order on 1-15 June 2022, it will be only 12,499 baht, and you will also get free gifts worth 2,389 baht.

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