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Rings cause trouble ︳The woman wore 9 rings in one hand and caused severe swelling. Firefighters wore gowns and cut them off one by one-Sky News-Family-Home

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The fault of greed.A woman in the Mainland recently wore 9 rings on one hand. As a result, the ring was stuck in her right hand and her fingers could not be removed. Medical staff found that her fingers were seriousSwelling, the ring has fallen into the flesh,The fingers might become necrotic, so firefighters need to be dispatched, put on gowns to “operate” on her, and use tongs to cut off the rings one by one. After half an hour, she managed to save her fingers.

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According to comprehensive internal media reports, the incident occurred at 3:30 pm last Saturday (23rd). The fire rescue station in Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong received a call from the hospital for help, stating that after a woman put on the ring, the ring was stuck and could not be removed. The firefighter Hurry to the scene immediately.

After the firefighters asked the medical staff, they found that the woman was wearing 9 rings on her right hand, including 4 index fingers, 3 middle fingers and 2 ring fingers. Because the ring is too tight and worn for a long time, the blood is not running smoothly, and the finger joints are severely swollen. Among them, the ring of the index finger is even more trapped in the flesh, swelling and purulent, and there is a risk of necrosis.

The fireman spent half an hour cutting off the ring

Due to the critical situation, the firefighters immediately put on surgical gowns and went to the operating room to “operate” on the woman.Because the ring fell too deep, the firefighters, with the assistance of medical staff, usedCutting pliersWait for the tools, and carefully cut the rings one by one. As you can see from the video,For firefightersNeedle nose pliersClamp the ring, and place a small cloth under your fingers for protection, and then use the cutting pliers to cut.After half an hour of hard work, the firefighters successfully cut all 9 rings and kept themFinger of the victim.

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After the incident was exposed, many netizens shouted shockingly, and some people teased that the woman’s love for beauty resulted in misfortune. The message said: “It’s so pretty,” “I can’t understand”, “How did I wear this in?”, “I’m 10 Fingers are all empty”, “Want to know why she wears so many rings?”

Stuck for 8 hours or need amputation emergency department doctor to teach self-protection 4 tricks

Situ Jinghao, a local specialist in emergency medicine in Hong Kong, was interviewed by the Sky Post and pointed out that if similar conditions persist for more than 8 hours, there is a chance that the finger tissues or nerves and blood vessels may die. He pointed out that Hong Kong’s accident and emergency departments generally deal with similar situations in four ways. Among them, two of them can be tried at home by the public. If they cannot solve the problem, they should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Put lubricating gel and lotion on your fingers first, and then pull out the ring
  • The doctor will use a surgical thread similar to fish silk, tie the fingers tightly, and then pull out the ring. Because the surgical thread used is harder and slippery than the usual fish silk, and the emergency surgeon has more experience, the success rate of removing the ring is higher. high

When the above two tricks fail, the emergency room usually has two diamond knives to deal with the situation where the ring gets stuck on the finger, but the ring will be “sacrificed” after cutting, and it will not be used unless it is necessary.

Situ Jinghao pointed out that some brand-name rings are very hard, and even diamond knives in the emergency department could not be cut. This has happened in the past. Eventually, firefighters need to be notified to assist and use industrial shears to cut the ring. open.

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