Roads: There were five blockades in Nuevo León

The Secretary of Security of Nuevo León, Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, reported that yesterday afternoon and night organized crime groups carried out five blockades on the National Highway, between the municipalities of Hualahuises and Linares, where They burned heavy vehicles to obstruct traffic in both directions of the federal highway.

He described these measures as a desperate attempt to react by an organized crime group, due to various operations that were carried out yesterday by the Army, National Guard, Civil Force and the State Investigation Agency, with the support of municipal police, to search and stop those responsible for depriving the lives and abandoning the dismembered remains of 12 people in six metropolitan municipalities.

Palacios Pámanes said that as a result of Tuesday’s events, convoys of the Coordination Group – federal, state and municipal forces – were mobilized to various points in the State, and in the municipality of China They detained three adults, seized a truck and an AK-47 caliber weapon, with six supplied magazines.

In addition, in Los AldamaThe Civil Force repelled an attack with shots, killed one of the attackers and secured 10 long weapons for the exclusive use of the Army.

At Doctor Arroyo, Civil Force troops responded to a shooting attack by locating priority targets. As a result of this confrontation, two gunmen were killed and six were arrested, one of them seriously injured. In this operation, a police officer was injured in the thigh and is reported to be stable.

In total, there were three victims of organized crime, among them an alleged crime leader who would be the intellectual and probably also the material author of the execution of the Secretary of Public Security of Linares.

A total of 24 long weapons were seized, including two Barret 50 rifles, two grenades and eight trucks.

Palacios pointed out that, as a reaction to these operations, the affected criminal group carried out five blockades on the National Highway, which closed in both directions.

The first closure was at kilometer 162+966 near Hualahuises. With the presence of the National Guard, Civil Force and the Ministerial Police, traffic was resumed by moving the vehicles that were used to block the road with cranes.

A second blockade occurred at kilometer 160, also in Hualahuiseswhich around 8:30 p.m. was close to being released. A third blockade was carried out at kilometer 173about to be released at the same time, and The fourth blockade was made at kilometer 27 near Linares.

Citizens lived hours of panic in the face of the blockades. SPECIAL

And on the same highway, at kilometer 31, there was a fifth blockade which was also about to be released by 8:30 p.m.

Furthermore, he stated that in response to the arrests that were carried out, there were two attacks on the Iturbide and Linares commands, without any uniformed personnel being injured.

On the other hand, he commented that due to the intense rain and the winding road, on one of the routes the driver of a Black Mamba vehicle lost control of the unit and suffered a rollover without any injuries.



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