Roofing materials hanging from a phone pole… The village is swept away by a strong wind



A potent wind blew in a village in Jeongeup, Jeollabuk-do, exactly where it rained heavily this early morning (16th).

Some of the residences collapsed or the roof disappeared, and the debris of the plastic household and family objects flew numerous tens of meters, leaving the whole village in chaos.

Reporter Kim Kyung-in lined the scene.


About 50 % of the houses collapsed.

Part of the tin roof has also disappeared.

A tin plate blown away by a gust of wind hangs precariously atop a telephone pole.

This is a dwelling that has been destroyed by a hurricane. Tin plates had been scattered in the lawn, and the slate roof was torn in fifty percent, revealing the skeleton.

The stone wall upcoming to it is wholly torn absent.

It was all-around 4 in the morning when a gust of wind and hefty rain hit Mureung Village.

“The lightning flashed and it passed (in a gust of wind). I was surprised and fell back. Because a thing hit me like ‘bang bang bang’.”

All the plastic in the plastic dwelling in entrance of the village had been torn absent, and the remaining skeletons ended up bent like nuts.

Some of the greenhouses were being blown away by a gust of wind for 20m and swallowed a short term building.

Some skeletons had been found in the middle of a village 200 meters absent.

Estimating the broken location, it is approximated that the gusts handed much more than 300m all over the village.

Nonetheless, mainly because there is no meteorological observation products nearby, the specific density is not identified.

Citizens only sigh at the unexpected lightning.

“It looks like this, but what should really I do? I won’t be able to aid but sigh. Now.

Four residences, a village hall, and two warehouses were being damaged by a gust of wind that blew for about 30 minutes.

4 greenhouses and a motor vehicle ended up also broken.

About 20 reviews of rain harm have been also acquired in Wanju and Jeonju, the place significant rain fell by far more than 120 mm.

This is Yonhap News Television Kim Kyung-in. ( )

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