Russian Deputy Foreign Minister: “There is no intention to invade Ukraine… NATO non-proliferation is absolutely important”

picture explanation A delegation to the US Mirror negotiations led by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman (left) and Russian Vice Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov (right).

Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Monday.

According to the Rianovosti news agency, Vice Minister Ryabkov made this claim at a press briefing after negotiating with US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman on the Ukraine incident and the security of the US in Geneva on the same day.

“We have explained to our American colleagues that there is no plan, no intention of, and that there is no such thing as an invasion of Ukraine,” he said.

Ryabkov said, “Why is it an absolute imperative (to Russia) to get legal guarantees on non-proliferation of NATO from the US side, and why it is important to get legal guarantees that do not deploy offensive weapons to the Russian border? , and why Russia raises the issue that NATO should give up material possession of the territories of countries that have joined the alliance since 1997.”

“Without NATO’s progress on non-proliferation issues and a ban on the deployment of missiles to the Russian border, work with the United States on other aspects is questionable,” he said.

He added that Russia is taking a hard line on these issues, but is not issuing any ultimatum.

At the same time, he warned that Russia’s response to the failure of the negotiations would be of a military-technical character, and warned that Russia could take military action if security negotiations with the United States and NATO broke down.

Ryabkov said the US-Russian negotiations were “complex, long, very professional, deep and specific” did.

At the meeting, it is reported that Russia’s plans to relieve tensions over the deployment of large-scale troops on the border with Ukraine and the adoption of security documents between Russia and the West were discussed in detail.

Before the summit, on the 15th of last month, Russia delivered two draft documents to the US: a bilateral security treaty and an agreement on safety measures between Russia and NATO member states.

According to the document, NATO will stop advancing eastward by accepting additional former Soviet countries such as Ukraine as member states, and guarantee that it will not deploy attack weapons such as short- and medium-range missiles to neighboring countries of Russia. .

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov

picture explanationRussian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov


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