Russia’s nuclear weapons protest imminent… Shipping nuclear equipment and preparing for a nuclear test in the Arctic Ocean

The Times report… “Securing forward movement of trains linked to Russian nuclear forces”
“NATO Provides Experimental Intelligence to Member States”… Growing concerns about the use of tactical nuclear weapons in defense

The Times reported on the 3rd (local time) that Russia is preparing to show its readiness to use nuclear weapons at a time when Russia is on the defensive in the Ukraine war.

According to reports, a train from the nuclear equipment division of the Russian Ministry of Defense was seen moving towards the Ukrainian front over the weekend in central Russia.

Riva, a pro-Russian telegram channel, posted a video of a large freight train carrying new troop transport vehicles and equipment.

Konrad Musska, a Polish defense analyst, said the train was linked to the 12th General Office of the Russian Defense Ministry, which is responsible for the maintenance, control, transportation and deployment of nuclear equipment.

“It could be a signal to the West that Russia is increasing its prestige[mewn perthynas â rhybudd niwclear yr Arlywydd Vladimir Putin],” he said.

A senior source told The Times that Putin could further demonstrate his willingness to use nuclear weapons in the Black Sea bordering southern Ukraine.

Experts said the move was more likely to be an armed protest in Russian.

But they don’t think it’s impossible for Putin to use a weaker tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

The Times also quoted a source as saying that Russia was planning a nuclear test that would show its readiness to use nuclear weapons more clearly.

According to reports, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has sent intelligence warning members and allies that Russia is planning to test the Poseidon nuclear torpedo, dubbed the ‘weapon of the end of the world’.

The Times reported that the Russian submarine K-329 Belgorod carrying Poseidon had been identified as a sailing vessel for the Arctic Ocean.

Italian newspaper LaRepubblica reported that tests are about to take place in the Kara Sea region of the Russian Arctic Ocean.

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