S-Rise Launches Gigabyte 13th Gen Gaming Laptops and RTX 40 Series in Korea |

S-Rise, the official importer and distributor of PC and laptop parts maker GIGABYTE, said that AORUS series gaming laptops equipped with 13th generation Intel processors have been stocked in Korea.

The Aorus 17X ZF Pro has an NVIDIA GeForce RTX40 series to provide powerful performance and performance up to TGP 175W, and performance and efficiency have been greatly improved based on the new NVIDIA Ada LoveLace architecture.

In addition, by applying Optimus Advanced, the output mode of the GPU (internal, external) is quickly changed (non-optimus) without separate settings according to the program used, providing 4 times better performance than o’ the front.

The Aorus 17X ZF Pro applies the 13th generation Raptor Lake Core i9-13950HX CPU (24 cores, 32 threads), which has improved performance by about 15% compared to the previous one. The maximum clock speed is 5.5 GHz.

The new AORUS 17X ZF Pro with high performance CPU and GPU is equipped with a more powerful AORUS WindForce Infinity cooling system. 324 cooling fins manage excellent thermal circulation, and it has 129% better cooling performance with up to 4 fans. In addition, by applying a full cover vapor chamber, the heat inside the notebook can be quickly released and the cooling performance of the vapor chamber can be maximized to bring out the performance of the notebook.

The newly designed AORUS 17X ZF Pro boasts excellent durability by applying a metal body designed with CNC milling technology, and shows excellent lighting effects by applying RGB effects from outside the laptop through’ RGB Light Bar. In addition, the display provides a wide and immersive screen by applying an ultra-slim bezel. QHD ultra-high resolution IPS panel, DCI-P3 100%, high refresh rate 240Hz, so the screen is smooth.

For detailed information and purchase inquiries on buying the newly released Gigabyte AORUS 17X ZF Pro 2023, you can check it through 11th Street and Auction, Gigabyte Gmarket Laptop Sales page, and Gigabyte Laptop Customer Support Center.

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