saudization fee news today: Saudi Arabia will repatriate three more jobs by December 30th

Riyadh: Saudi authorities to enforce more indigenization in the country. The authorities have decided to localize three new jobs. The localization of the new areas will take effect from Thursday, December 30th. New nationalization of driving schools, customs clearance and technical engineering. With this, only Saudis will be employed in these jobs. This is a big setback for expats.

This year, 3.78 lakh Saudis were employed

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development had earlier stated that the implementation of indigenization in 20 sectors of employment and allied sectors would create employment for more than 3.78 lakh expatriate Saudi nationals by 2021. This will be followed by the indigenization of three new areas from December 30. The authorities have decided to intensify the repatriation process in the wake of the employment crisis created by Kovid, which aims to address the acute unemployment rate among the natives in the country.

100% Saudis in customs clearance jobs


Customs clearance is one of the three areas where new Saudiisation is taking place. It aims to increase indigenization to 100 per cent in a few jobs in the sector. The authorities hope that this will create more than 2,000 jobs. According to the Procedure Guide, 100 per cent localization in the Customs Clearance sector includes jobs such as Government Relations Officer, General Manager, Customs Clearance Clerk, Customs Agent, Customs Clearance Broker, Customs Categorizer and Translator. According to this, it will be an offense to employ non-natives in the above jobs after December 30.

Foreigners are not allowed in driving schools either

The driving school sector is another area where indigenization has strengthened. The aim is to localize 100% of the jobs in the sector. Jobs such as driving instructor and driving supervisor will be restricted to locals from the 30th of this month. It has been clarified that the monthly salary of a person providing driving training should not be less than 5,000 riyals. The salary shown in the social insurance scheme will be considered in this regard. Saudis can only be hired if they have a monthly salary of at least 5,000. Authorities expect 8,000 new jobs to be created by making jobs in driving schools exclusively for Saudis. Soon after the decision was taken to Saudiize the driving school sector, the Hadaf Fund under the Ministry took the initiative to provide necessary training to job seekers in this sector in the country.

Expatriates will also be excluded in technical engineering

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has decided to strengthen indigenization in the field of technical engineering as well. Full repatriation will be implemented by the 30th of this month in the works approved by the Ministry in this area. This repatriation decision will apply to all private sector companies employing five or more workers in the sector. It aims to create 12,000 jobs. It is stipulated that the monthly salary of the employer should not be less than 5,000 riyals and must be approved by the Saudi Council of Engineers. If the salary is less than 5000 riyals, it will not be included in the percentage of Saudiization.



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