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Schellenberg was sworn in as Austrian Chancellor

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△A live broadcast of the Austrian ORF TV station, with Schellenberg on the right.

On October 11, local time, Alexander Schellenberg was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Austria, succeeding Kurz, who resigned on the 9th.

Schellenberg is 52 years old and was born into a family of diplomats. He inherited his father’s business and started his professional career at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1997. He became Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Transitional Government of Birlein in June 2019 and will remain in the new cabinet in January 2020.

On October 9, local time, Austrian Chancellor Kurz held a press conference and announced his resignation as Prime Minister and nominated Foreign Minister Alexander Schellenberg to succeed him as Prime Minister. (Headquarters reporter Yi Xin)


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