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‘School violence’ Jae-young Lee and Da-young Lee, carrying FIVB to Greece

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Issuance of a transfer agreement without the consent of the Volleyball Association
Lee Jae-young may not be able to play due to foreigner restrictions

Lee Jae-young (left) and Lee Da-young (setter, 25), who were unable to step on the V-League court due to the ‘school violence’ controversy, opened their way to the Greek league. According to the Korea Volleyball Association, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) sent a letter to the association on the 28th to approve the International Transfer Agreement (ITC) of the two players.

FIVB requested that the document be sent with an answer including the account number to receive the solidarity fee (a kind of transfer fee) arising from the transfer of Jae-young Lee and Da-young Lee to PAOK Thessaloniki in Greece by 7 pm (Korean time) on the 29th. did. It also contained a content that FIVB would issue an ITC ex officio if a response was not sent by the deadline. It is known that the solidarity contribution amounted to a total of 10,350 Swiss francs (about 13.2 million won).

The association explained, “We will send a response letter stating that we do not plan to receive any solidarity contributions as we were in the position of not allowing the approval of ITC issuance for the two players from the beginning.”

Although they did not get approval from the association, as FIVB decided to approve the ITC issuance ex officio, it is expected that the two players will advance into the Greek league as planned. The two players are expected to schedule departures soon to participate in the Greek League, which starts on the 9th of next month. On the other hand, there were also predictions that it would be difficult for left player Jae-young Lee to participate in the league, who had to go through the transfer procedure late in accordance with the Greek league rules that limit the number of foreign players to three. As a result, it is known that the club is thinking about changing the entry or participating in the European Volleyball Federation (CEV)-affiliated tournament, where four players are restricted. Reporter Kang Hong-gu go to [email protected]>

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