“Screw it’s my mom,” an American elementary school student whispered to a store clerk… what happened?

The news that an elementary school student in the United States used his wits to escape an attempt to kidnap a homeless woman in the area is attracting attention. The picture is of a CCTV screen where an unidentified woman watches outside the store while an elementary school student whispers to the clerk, “Pretend I’m my mom.” [출처 : 투데이닷컴]

A case where an elementary school student in the United States used his wits to avoid a kidnapping crisis is drawing attention.

Recently, foreign media such as FOX News and ABC reported that Sammy Green (10), a student living in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA, escaped from a woman who was trying to kidnap him by asking a store clerk to “act as if she mother.”.

The incident happened on the 11th. After school, Sammy Green, who usually returned home alone, met a woman.

The woman asked for the student’s name and destination. At the same time, he said he seemed to recognize his father and asked where his family was. The woman continued to pursue Sammy Green and offered to buy him anything he wanted at the convenience store.

The student’s father, the Rev. Sam Green, “I have been taught to ask for help from other adults.”

Sammy Green, 10, lives in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA. [출처 : 투데이닷컴]

Sammy Green did as he had been taught by his father. As the unknown woman continued to follow him, Sammy Greene entered a gift shop he knew well.

Since the shop opened last July, the student has been to the shop often and has become friendly with the staff. At the time, the store had a 17-year-old employee working alone.

Looking at the store’s CCTV video posted on Facebook by Sam Green, the student entering the store naturally goes into the checkout counter and whispers to the clerk .

This student said, “Please act like you are a mother. A woman is following me.”

“At first, I thought maybe the woman was the child’s mother,” the clerk said.

In the CCTV footage, a strange woman stares into the interior of the shop while holding the door from the outside of the shop.

Feeling that the situation was not serious, the clerk told the student to go to the back of the shop and then went to the door, and when the woman let go, he locked the door. After that, the strange woman left in a hurry.

The Pottstown Police Department said, “We looked at the video on Facebook and conducted an investigation.” Police described the woman as having mental problems.

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