Seong Si-kyung, who was broadcasting live, suddenly made a ‘remark’ when she was asked this question

Singer Seong Si-kyung spoke honestly about her thoughts while referring to JTBC’s new drama ‘Seolganghwa’ during a live broadcast.

On the 1st, on the YouTube channel ‘Sung SI KYUNG’, ‘[성시경 이야기] On December 1st, the video of ‘Sung Si Kyung Radio’ was uploaded.

On this day, Seong Si-kyung conducted a YouTube live broadcast and had time to read and communicate with fans.

Below is YouTube ‘Sung Si-kyung SUGN SI KYUNG’

Seong Si-kyung, who continued the story for a while, said, “I recently participated in the OST for a drama.”

One fan who heard this said in a chat, “All I need is Seol Ganghwa (a new drama scheduled to air on JTBC) ㅠㅠ”

JTBC’s new drama ‘Snowdrop: Snowdrop’ is a drama in which actors Jung Hae-in and Black Pink Ji-soo star. It was engulfed in large and small controversies before the airing, such as the setting of a spy character, the appearance of an National Security Agency agent, and distortion of the history of democratization.

Provided by JTBC
Provided by JTBC

Seong Si-kyung, who saw the chat, immediately asked, “Why can’t it be ‘Seol Gang-hwa’?” and honestly said, “Isn’t it a drama featuring Seol Gang-hwa and Jung Hae-in?

He continued, “I know that ‘Seolganghwa’ has distorted history. Whether or not I did the OST for ‘Seolganghwa’ will probably be revealed over the weekend, so you can see. But I know that’s not the case.”

He also said, “There was such a misunderstanding (several controversies), but I also confirmed that it was not such a content. And I wonder if it can be aired if it is a historically distorted drama.”

Referring to Netflix’s ‘Hell’, Seong Si-kyung said, “I really enjoyed ‘Hell’. People just believe in something and have the opposite opinion, or hate people with all their might.” He said, “I feel a little uncomfortable even if he or the majority are right. So, it is an act of trying to beat a certain minority by gathering strength.”

He continued, “The problem is, when the few do what is right and the majority are wrong, it’s a bigger problem, but even if the majority is right, ‘Ah, there are opinions like that. Let’s find out more about the facts. We’re different? Then let’s kill them’ is a very dangerous and frightening thought.

He also said, “If ‘Ganghwa Seol’ is such a drama, then you can find out. Then it’s wrong. Wrong things will cause problems and probably won’t go well.”




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