Six arrested in Anzoátegui for the dismantling of more than 80 state-owned vehicles

Six men were arrested this week in Anzoátegui state after being accused of dismantling more than 80 state-owned vehicles. This was reported by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek Williams Saab.

Saab indicated in a post on Twitter that the six arrested carried out a large number of illegal activities through the companies Mundo Local and Mundo Milenio.

The defendants, who were not identified, dismantled a total of 89 state vehicles and illegally possessed 5,000 tons of strategic material, according to Saab.

The Public Ministry will charge these six people for the crimes of trafficking in strategic material and association.

A few days ago, Saab also reported that the Public Ministry appointed the 17th National Anti-Corruption Prosecutor to investigate and punish irregular acts related to the improper collection of amounts of money in dollars by police officers from the Simón Bolívar International Airport of Maiquetía to his subordinates.

The investigation arises after a video went viral on social networks in which it is denounced that three PNB officials demand 5 dollars a day per shift from all the subordinates under their charge at the airport so as not to change their jobs.

Due to this fact, General Commissioner Inés Centeno, Commissioner Tovar Jackson and Commissioner Peña Islan, assigned to the Airport Service based in Maiquetía, were placed at the order of the Prosecutor’s Office.


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