Sleeping in prison for the first night, “Benz Damon” stressed – eat less: PPTVHD36

“Benz Damon” entered the prison on the first night, the Department of Corrections revealed that there was a lot of stress. and eat less

Yesterday, February 15, 2023, the police took Mr. Chaiwat Kajonbunthavorn or Benz Damon to ask the court to detain him. and not allowing temporary release Although a team of lawyers used tens of millions of baht as bail, Mr Chaiwat was imprisoned for the first time. And having had to sleep in prison this morning, revealed Mr. Ayut Sinthopphan, Director General of the Department of Corrections, that he entered the history and disease examination process after receiving Mr. Chaiwat.

Sleep in prison! The court did not grant bail to “Benz Damon” in the high penalty case.

Open your mouth “Benz Damon” was asked about the practice bond “Dew Arisara” He nodded to accept depression

After that, he was taken to the quarantine area to enter the COVID-19 screening process, which is to be held for 5 days and isolated for 5 days like other first-time inmates. Dan manages prisoners during the trial. Which depends on what the Bangkok Special Prison will consider

As for Nanchaiwat’s symptoms, he was initially found to be under a lot of stress until he could eat less. But because there was a history of depression, a psychologist was asked to speak. To relax and be able to adapt in prison

As to whether medication should be administered or not, it is up to the psychologist’s discretion. The prison already has a medical facility to support treatment by confirming that the care will be equal to other prisoners There is no special case at all. But due to psychiatric symptoms, they must receive different treatment from normal prisoners in accordance with Department of Corrections procedures.

While Mr. Pisit Chutiphonpongchai Mr. lawyer said. Been doing that since yesterday Haven’t had a chance to talk or visit Mr Benz yet. Because it is tied to another case. including family No one has yet spoken or visited, and today it is not convenient to visit Mr. Chaiwat. because he is in custody which is a prison measure As for the person who made the application for bail, Mr. Chaiwat knew that he was his younger brother. but not sure what details it is

While this morning, there was a meeting of the investigative series, Mr Chaiwat Kachonbunthavorn or Benz Damon, after the meeting, there was no official interview, but the Police revealed Maj Gen. ) in short that the investigative team today continues to investigate further. evidence relating to the case. In relation to the request for court approval to issue an arrest warrant for other people involved, no further arrest warrants have been issued.

The Maj Gen. Aomsin Trarungruang, Deputy Commissioner of Police The Royal Thai Embassy revealed that Currently, the investigative department and the investigative department are working together and will meet together again on Monday, February 20, at the Technology Crime Investigation Division 3, Government Centre, Chaengwattana Road.