“smart #1” electric crossover 272 horsepower of the “Mercedes-Benz” group

“smart”, a brand of automobiles under the “Mercedes-Benz Group AG” unveils the new “smart #1”, a 272 horsepower electric crossover with a battery that can drive more than 420-440 kilometers per charge.

The smart #1 is designed to resemble the previously revealed Smart Concept #1. It looks like a small SUV that is powered by 100% electric power. The exterior of the Smart #1 has a total length of 4,270 mm. Width 1,822 mm. Height 1,636 mm. It has a wheelbase of 2,750 mm and its empty weight of 1820 kg resting on 19-inch wheels with a 5-seater cab, which will be produced at a factory in China jointly with the Geely brand.

The smart #1 drivetrain is a 272 hp (PS) electric motor, 343 Nm of peak torque, which transfers all power to the rear wheels. And can do a top speed of 180 km / h, while the NCM battery has a capacity of 66 kWh. It can drive approximately 420-440 km per charge (based on WLTP), supports DC quick charging in less than 30 minutes (from 10-80%).

The cabin is equipped with standard equipment such as a high-resolution 12.8-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and an infotainment system that can both personal profiles. To determine the navigation system, air conditioning, lighting and sound, as well as adjusting various settings of the car, along with a 9.2-inch Full HD instrument cluster and a 10-inch Head Up Display, etc.

Although smart #1 is a small car It has a full ADAS driving assistance system, including automatic variable speed control according to the vehicle ahead. with Stop & Go function, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Warning System, Freeway Driving Assistance and Traffic Jam, Automatic Parking Assist and automatic high beam systems, etc.

Smart #1 hasn’t revealed a retail price and a launch schedule at this time. But it is likely that it will start to market in China before gradually being sold in Europe later.

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