SME and Startups Minister Lee Young discusses ways to advance into the global market for Korean startups in Silicon Valley – WOWTALE

Small and Medium Enterprises Minister Lee Young met with Science and ICT Minister Jong-ho Lee from the Ministry of Science and ICT on the 18th local time to hold a K-Startup program with Korean unicorn startups, American venture capital and Korean startups that succeeded. entering the American market in Silicon Valley, announced that they were holding a meeting to support their global expansion.

The Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups announced the ‘K-Startup Global Development Strategy’ on the 8th so that domestic enterprises and start-ups can grow rapidly in the global market beyond the domestic market limited.By meeting with successful Korean unicorn startups, they listened to difficulties in expanding overseas and discussed detailed support plans.

At the meeting, CEO of Sendbird Dong-shin Kim and CEO of Moloco Ahn Ik-jin, which was founded in Silicon Valley and has grown into a unicorn company, attended the meeting to share their experiences and give advice to new businesses domestic for global market innovation. .

Strong Ventures and Nautilus Venture Partners, American venture capitals with experience in investing in Korean startups, present effective start-up strategies for foreign investment and help startups use global funds to enter the world market -wide, the importance was emphasized.

A Korean start-up looking to attract investment from global capital (IR) asked for continued support from the government, complaining of difficulties in entering the global market and difficulties in attracting foreign investment.

Minister Lee Young said, “We promise to provide support through active cooperation between ministries such as the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups and the Ministry of Science and Information and Communication Technology so that we can enter the global market beyond the narrow domestic market. share our capabilities and infrastructure as much as possible and strengthen our global network to create a synergistic effect of support.”

After this meeting, Minister Lee Young hosted the “Korea-US Startup Summit” to be held in New York for two days from the 20th. ) continues to support its global expansion.

[해외진출(Go global) 소식 전체보기]

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