‘Social Security Remedy Section 40’ Quick check Transfer today, get 5,000 baht.

August 24, 2021


Quick check “Social Security Remedy Section 40” Quick check Transfer today, get 5,000 baht.

Today, stick to update the case of giving away money to heal. to the peopleWorkers affected by the situationCovid-19 dark red area or the floorThe most regulated and strict announced lockdown bysocial Security open registration via forinsured under Section 33 (Section 33), Section 39 (Section 39) and Section 40 (Section 40).

Mr. Suchart Smell Minister of Labor It is reiterated that the remedy for the insured under Section 39 and Section 40 who are the target group will receive compensation at the rate of 5,000 baht per person by transferring money to the insured via PromptPay account. Only linking an account with an ID card number, Section 39, the first day of money transfer is yesterday (23 Aug. 64) and

Social Security Reimbursement Section 40 will be in effect from 24 to 26 August this year. And those who apply after 31 July 2021 will receive compensation during September 2021.

check permissions “Social Security Remedy Section 40” Transfer today, get 5,000 baht. click here

Minister of Labor explained yesterday that theRecruiting for insurers under section 40 to encourage self-employed people to hurry up to apply and send contributions to become fully insured persons within 24 August, ready to receive the right to heal from the government at 5,000 baht per person by the office Social Security will be transferred via PromptPay with ID card number only.

For applicants who already have a bank account but has not linked PromptPay with a personal identification number or previously tied with a mobile phone number Immediately proceed to link the account or change PromptPay from a mobile phone to be tied to an identification number urgently. At the same time, applicants under Section 40 can check their rights through of the Social Security Office immediately For more information, please contact Hotline 1506, 24 hours a day, 24/7.

refer – Social Security Office , Ministry of Labor



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