Songkhla found dead from Rabies 1. Accelerate preventive measures Reduce the risk.

On 20 September, Mr Wongsakorn Nunchukhan, Deputy Governor of Songkhla Province, chairman of the Communicable Diseases Committee meeting, Songkhla Province, attended a meeting with Dr Papon Dechaiyaset, Deputy Public Health Physician, Songkhla Province, and Mr Kitikorn. Veterinarian Janepaiboon, a livestock farmer in Songkhla province, found the rabies patient in Songkhla after one person died.

Mr. Wongkorn said The situation of rabies in Songkhla province: 2 cases of rabies were found in 2018 in Kho Hong Sub-District and Thung Tam Sao Sub-District, Hat Yai District. 17 September 65) is a 16-year-old Thai male who lives in Phaton Sub-District, Hat Yai District.

“Risk factors of being strayed by dogs (No owner) Bitten around mid July 65 and not vaccinated. The public health agencies in the area have been monitoring, investigating the disease and looking for high risk exposure groups in the community. Everyone has been vaccinated against rabies.”

Dr. Kitikorn Veterinary Measures to prevent rabies in animals The Livestock Office, Songkhla Province, together with the Hat Yai Livestock Office and Phatong Subdistrict Municipality Pets carrying the disease have been monitored. (Dogs/Cats/Cows) in the entire sub-region, there are 2,230 targets that have been vaccinated against rabies. to 374 dogs and cats in the community area where the disease has been detected, and continue to monitor the disease in the area for another 6 months.

“Warn people to reduce the risk of dog bites by adhering to the 5th spell: “Do not provoke” the dog to become angry, “do not step on” the tail, head, body, legs, or frighten the dog. Don’t “separate” biting dogs with their hands. No, don’t “pick up” the rice bowl or move food while the dog is eating, and “don’t mess around” or get near the dog he doesn’t own. Or doesn’t know the history,” said vet Kitikorn.

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