Srisuwan attacked Bangkok City Hall, asked Chatchart ‘Chuwit Garden’ is a national treasure or not?

Srisuwan asked Governor Chatchat, “Is Chuwit Garden already a public area?”

On March 24 at 10:30 am at Bangkok City Hall (Sao Chingcha) Chatchart Sittipunt Mr Bangkok Governor Revealed after receiving the query letter “Is Chuwit Garden a public domain now?” fromSrisuwan Chanya Mr Vice President and Secretary General of the Association for the Protection of the Constitution of Thailand

Mr Chatchart said there are 2 parts to what BMA will do in detail. The first part is about BMA. such as applying for a permit, paying property tax The local maintenance tax in the past, part 2 is that you must submit an application for award selection. BKK has no information here. because when the court issued a verdict I did not send him to Bangkok.

“Khun Chuvit Garden BMA has never taken care of anything related to gardening Because in the past, we did not make any investments, the operation of the garden is open-close. Because this issue must be clear. An investigation must be carried out periodic to what happened. which will speed up the action quickly.” Mr Chatchart said

for the content of the inquiry book “Is Gardd Chuwit a public domain now?”

which is as follows

‘According to the judgment of the Supreme Court in January 2016 in the case of dismantling a beer bar. Area of ​​Sukhumvit Soi 10 in 2003 sentencing to prison for Mr. Chuvit and others, 2 years, reduced from 5 years that the Court of Appeal had previously sentenced. because the Supreme Court saw that after the incident Chuwit and others along with other defendants to pay partial compensation to the victims And there is also a land dispute to be used as a public park for the public to use. By not using the land to do business for profit again Shows that the defendant feels remorse. is considered lenient considers it appropriate to impose a new penalty appropriately Sentence to change from 5 years imprisonment to only 2 years without parole.

For the land that Mr. Chuwit to the court to request a reduction in the penalty It was used to build a public park called “Suan Chuwit” in accordance with the conditions given to the court to raise public interest but recently It is not the garden no longer exists. When the aforementioned garden was being built, it was transformed into a high-rise, large mixed-use project. which is highly suspected and criticized by Mr. Land Consecration society. Chuvit to be a public park without registration The said land can be considered as public land for citizens to share in accordance with Section 1304 without having to register it with the authorities under Section 525. If the result is complete It is a duty on the Governor of Bangkok to act in accordance with the law’

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