Stephen Curry’s masterpiece lifts Warriors to fourth win, tied for NBA Finals

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The Golden State Warriors star stared at the giant screen showing the former Celtics superstar. Curry looked away when Eddie House threw his fist and showed off his championship ring from 2008, angering an already furious Boston crowd.

At that moment, his expression changed slightly.

I aimed my binoculars at him in the press box above the floor, it was like watching the final scene of an action movie where superheroes have to tap into some extra energy – some untouched ability and determination deep inside theirs Soul – Defeat the enemy.

Curry did it. smoothly.

He had 43 points, his second-highest total in the Finals (he had 47 against the Raptors in 2019, forcing the Warriors in Game 6) and 10 rebounds, Helped the Warriors make the series 2-2 with a 107-97 run.

“A lot of it was because of how bad the environment was, the fans were shouting, doing all their shenanigans, etc.,” Curry said after the game.[而且]Boston knows what a big game this is for them — and if they win, they can control the series. So it’s all woven into the experience of understanding how the momentum of the Finals can be fickle. “

Celtics fans should have been worried since the first quarter on Friday, when Curry established his dominance on the court and turned to roar at the crowd. TD Garden is louder than I’ve ever heard, Klay Thompson commented that it wasn’t “elegant” enough after Game 3, and Curry seems to thrive on that.

“Stephen obviously doesn’t usually show much emotion, but a night like tonight was worth it,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said later.

Not only did Curry save the Warriors (they couldn’t have won without him), but he did so after hurting his foot in Game 3. Kerr joked that the non-factor of the injury made Curry look “really struggling.” “Curry said he found he didn’t like his feet at all, and it didn’t take up much brain space when he was playing.

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