Suddenly, Yang Xiuhui posted “ultrasonic photos” and shouted: Congratulations! Netizens rioted and swiped congratulations-Entertainment-China Times News

Actress Yang Xiuhui suddenly posted ultrasound photos. (Photo / China Time File Photo)

Artist Yang Xiuhui suddenly posted an ultrasound photo on his Facebook fan page on the night of the 31st, and shouted in a PO post: “Haha, congratulations! I will make it public after 3 months.” In the face of media inquiries, Yang Xiuhui still not revealing details, insisting that it will be published after 3 months.

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Suddenly, Yang Xiuhui posted “ultrasonic photos” and shouted: Congratulations! Netizens rioted and swiped congratulations

The revelation of the questionable post immediately caused an uproar among fans, and a series of congratulations were posted in the comment area Some people speculated that Yang Xiuhui was going to be promoted to mother-in-law, and some people did tagged Bai Yun for good deeds, and some were wide-eyed and realized that the mother’s name was not Yang. , “The sound wave picture has my mother’s name!”, “It doesn’t matter who is pregnant, I want to congratulate the Yang Family on a happy event!”, “Honestly, where is my brother-in-law? “, “I just want to know who my father is?”, “Congratulations Miss Xiuhui has been promoted to aunt.” Although the truth has not been published, it has sparked heated discussions.

In May last year, Yang Xiuhui met male star Bai Yun, whom she had known for many years. Unexpectedly, he announced that there would be a peaceful break in just one day. Yang Xiuhui posted a photo of Baiyun visiting her parents again, and wrote in the post: “It seems that you are proposing marriage”, and the two even made a gesture of love with a bright smile, which also left for everyone to see the good friendship between the two.

Unexpectedly, Yang Xiuhui suddenly said that on the 14th of this month, a person named “Bai” said that she was making news, but she would even post a lipstick photo on the news, and it was not she needs to rely on others, and then added that this person would find a girl who dates while drinking Netizens can’t help thinking that they are talking about Baiyun. Regarding this, Yang Xiuhui emphasized that she was talking about “Baibai” and that Baiyun’s real name is Li Guohong. ?”


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