Summary of the play, director Report to arrest 6th grade children for breaking CCTV cameras The latest notice has been withdrawn.

Online controversy to the case, the director of a famous school in Kamphaeng Phet province has filed a lawsuit against a grade 6 student after playing volleyball that was damaged by the school’s CCTV camera. because the student did not have compensation for compensation Later, the matter was for the benefit of social media. Schedule such events as follows:

29 September 2022

  • The issue started from the Survival fans page – Saimai must survive. He posted photos of a summons to the accused and a photo of the students, and claimed that the director of a famous school in Kamphaeng Phet province filed a lawsuit against a sixth grade student who damaged the school’s surveillance cameras, so in order to break the power off cord The school charges a repair fee of 3,300 baht, divided by 2 students, 1,650 baht per person, the other sibling and the family can afford to pay. The children shown in the poor family had no money to pay. therefore being prosecuted
  • The fan page Survive – Saimai must survive, further stating that P. Ek has coordinated with the owner of the case to inquire about the facts. If the school agrees to withdraw the complaint, the page will help pay 1,650 baht for compensation so the child does not have to be sued.

September 30, 2022

  • The school director has provided information. They claim that the two children were playing volleyball and were damaged by the school’s surveillance cameras. The child was afraid of being wrong, so he hit it with a stick and cut the wires and cables, but it turned out that the surveillance cameras could record the footage.
  • The school therefore called the parents of the children who were part of the incident to be informed. Along with agreeing to pay compensation of around 3,000 baht, 2 students aged 12 and 11 (children who appear in the picture of the page) who are friends in the same class. must be jointly responsible The parents of both parties are willing to pay the compensation. and end the matter
  • But the next day, the father of an 11-year-old boy heard about the matter and told him that he would not pay. Allegations that the child is not related to the incident. The parents of the 12-year-old boy have already paid the compensation. Therefore, it was decided to file a legal case claiming that he wanted to prevent the child from being an example.
  • Further information has also been released, stating that the group of children have experienced this type of heroism in schools and communities on several occasions that they were exhausted.
  • Kamnan of Na Bo Kham Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, revealed that the school board called the group of children to warn. The notification section Not an arrest notification It is to prevent and they do not want children to grow up to be a problem for society. Along with asking parents to take care of their children and educate them to help them be good children. is the strength of the nation
  • A cooperative seller at the school where the incident took place said he had only been in the shop for two months, but found his shop had been burgled three times, with door locks, surveillance cameras and internet cables destroyed.
  • Kamphaeng Phet Primary Education Area Service Director Office 1, Kamphaeng Phet Province Children and Family Home Social Worker, Local Leader Together with the father and grandmother of an 11-year-old boy, he went to the area to meet the school director.

When discussing and explaining the incident, it was discovered that CCTV had captured footage of the volleyball bouncing off the CCTV camera. Then an 11-year-old boy walked in to collect the volleyball. Using a rope to cover his face, he used his feet to rake the broom through the coconuts in the corner where the other friend was expected to stand. The CCTV picture then turned and fell to the ground. the camera is believed to have been destroyed

  • The school later met with investigators. Muang Kamphaeng Phet Police Station And with all parties negotiating for an understanding for more than 30 minutes, the parents of the 11-year-old boy agreed to pay 1,650 baht for compensation, while the school immediately withdrew the complaint.
  • An 11-year-old boy spoke about the matter, claiming that after the news he felt scared and in shock I admit that I am the person in the real CCTV image. He came to play volleyball at school with his friends. where he played volleyball and bounced around the school building So he went to collect volleyballs. The part that covered the face with a cloth because he was afraid that the teacher would see that he was secretly playing at the end of the class. He noticed that another friend was standing there in a sneaky way, looking at the CCTV from the front. Then he went to get the ball. and went out to play with friends don’t cut the wires Then he drove home.

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