Summer 15 years ago when V candidate Yokohama was defeated. Osaka Toin High School with 3 runs was shocked. | Full-Count

Osaka Toin, Koshien in the summer of 2006, defeated the selected champion Yokohama 11-6 in the first round

Koshien in the summer of 2006, in which Waseda Kogyo, owned by Yuki Saito, and Tomakomai Komadai, led by Masahiro Tanaka, played a deadly battle in the final. In the first round of the year, there was a memorable match for high school baseball fans. Yokohama vs. Osaka Toin. Osaka Toin defeated Yokohama, who won the selection tournament in the same year and aimed for the second consecutive spring-summer championship following 1998, at the end of the batting battle, but Shogo Jashiki released three runs that determined the game. Shogo) had an unforgettable hit by the opponent.

“Yokohama is the criticism of Shimouma. It was said that Yokohama was overwhelmingly strong, and it burned very much.”

In the summer of 2006, Mr. Ayashiki, who participated in Koshien as the main player of Osaka Toin and now works at the real estate company “Open House”, looks back 15 years ago.

This tournament reminds me of the final match between Waseda Saito (currently Nippon-Ham Fighters) and Komadai Tomakomai Tanaka (currently Rakuten). However, the first candidate to win the championship before the tournament was Yokohama, which won the selection, and the first round against Osaka Toin was said to be the “de facto final match.”

Yokohama won the Kanagawa tournament with overwhelming strength and was holding a summer Koshien ticket. 83 goals and 10 home runs in 7 games. The Tokai University Sagami match in the final was a big win with 15-7.

It was Osaka Toin who overcame Yokohama at Koshien. Jashiki, who sat in 3rd place, made 3 runs to decide the game in the bottom of the 8th inning with a 4-point lead. He overturned his reputation and won 11-6. Even so, Mr. Jashiki had a hit that had such a strong impact that the joy of home runs and victory was hazy.

Takuya Takahama of the current Lotte hit the first double, “I thought this was bad.”