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Super Formula: Nobuharu Matsushita wins confidence first pole position / final round, Suzuka[F1-Gate .com]

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The qualifying for the final round of the 2021 Super Formula was held at the Suzuka Circuit on Saturday, October 30, and Nobuharu Matsushita (B-Max Racing Team) won his first pole position.

The Q1 session to decide the top 8 to advance to the next segment in dry conditions with a temperature of 21 ° C and a road surface temperature of 30 ° C has started.

Naoki Yamamoto (TCS NAKAJIMA RACING), Kazuya Oshima (NTT Communications ROOKIE) in Group A, Sho Tsuboi (P.MU/CERUMO ・ INGING), Kazuto Kotaka (KCMG), Tatiana Calderon (ThreeBond Drago CORSE) in Group B Is the Q1 knockout.

Q2 where the top 4 players advance to the next segment. Yuji Kunimoto (KCMG), Haruna Sakaguchi (P.MU/CERUMO ・ INGING), Yuhi Sekiguchi (carenex TEAM IMPUL) in Group A, Ryo Hirakawa (carenex TEAM IMPUL), Kenta Yamashita (KONDO RACING) in Group B , Giuliano Alesi (Kuo VANTELN TEAM TOM’S) knocked out.

After a 10-minute interval, Q3, which determines the pole position, started. Nobuharu Matsushita (B-Max Racing Team) won his first pole position with a mark of 1’36.717. Toshiki Oyu (TCS NAKAJIMA RACING) was in 2nd place, followed by Nirei Fukuzumi (DOCOMO TEAM DANDELION RACING) in 3rd place.

20221 Super Formula where Tomoki Nojiri (TEAM MUGEN) has already won the championship. In the final round, the team title and rookie of the year will be decided.

No.51 Nobuharu Matsushita (B-MAX RACING TEAM)
“I was a little sick from the free run, and I was a little suspicious of the team going to the clouds, but Mr. Motoyama (Director Tetsu), Mr. Tasaka (Yasuhiro engineer), Mr. Miyata (Masashi engineer), Mr. Kumita (Ryuji team representative) And … (worked together.) Our team is one (participating) and we can’t compare two (like other teams), so that’s a bit of a disadvantage, but (the team’s) I think I’ve taken a really good step (with everyone). Thanks to the team! I’m having trouble with the free practice in the morning, but I was dry and in good shape in the previous Motegi Q1, so I brought it in an evolution. It wasn’t good at all. I tried various things, but it didn’t hit … I was fortunate to do something like “This is the only one!” After the free run. I was addicted to it, and it felt like it went well. In the qualifying, the moment I went out on the lap, I felt like “That !? Something (the car) was crisp.” I had a feeling. When I ran Q1, I was in good shape. (Although I finished the attack before other cars) Is it around the Dunlop corner? (Wirelessly) Mr. Motoyama (on the radio) won the pole position. Many people say that I’m strong in the race, but qualifying is important for the formula, especially in Suzuka, where I’m screaming. It’s …. It’s the most difficult circuit in Japan and it’s also difficult to make a car, so I’ll say for myself that I did it with me as a one-unit B-MAX and got a pole position. It’s also a great achievement, but I think it’s a great achievement. It will lead to confidence in the future, and I shouted including such things. I got P1 (top) in Q2 of last year’s match against Fuji, but basically Motoyama He doesn’t praise me. “I think I’ll get a little more time” or “I could have gone a little longer.” I’m grateful, but today, after Q3, __Paul I was praised at the moment when the position was decided. I was happy to think that it was the moment when Mr. Motoyama acknowledged me for the first time. However, I do not remember what was said. Well, the point is It’s tomorrow, so I’m happy with the pole position at QF, but forget about it and make a solid start tomorrow. I want to have a good race. Starting in 1st place, passing through the 1st and 2nd corners in 1st place, and passing through lap 1 … I think the rest is race pace. Suzuka is not easy to pull out, and I think that it will not be pulled out if you race normally, but I will do what I can do firmly without being alert and go bullish. “

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