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Supreme Court verdict approves Kerala model: Minister GR Anil

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Thiruvananthapuram: The Supreme Court verdict is in recognition of the exemplary work of the Government of Kerala in ensuring food for the people, said Food Minister GR. Anil. He said, “The message of the Supreme Court is that the Government of Kerala should set an example across the country by setting an example to other states through schemes like Subhiksha Hotels under the Food Department, Public Hotels under the Local Self Government Department and distribution of food kits to provide quality food at reasonable and reasonable prices through the Hunger Free Kerala project.”

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‘There has been no response anywhere that food kits are stopping. The government was able to stand with the people in distress and deliver food grains to alleviate hunger. Food kits were distributed 13 times. The distribution of the kit was halted as Kovid’s miserable atmosphere changed. The matter will be considered as per the circumstances, ”the minister explained. ‘If there is a situation where food grains are deteriorating, the government will take necessary steps to address it. All food grain warehouses will be scientifically upgraded. Where there are no Supplyco outlets or Maveli stores, the distribution of subsidized food items through selected ration shops will be considered, the minister said.

‘Complaint boxes have been set up in ration shops. Ration related complaints can be deposited in the complaint boxes in writing. Such complaints will be examined by the officials and further action will be taken. He added that the files related to the canceled ration shops in the state would be settled through the file court organized at the district supply offices.

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