“The way she does politics scares me”

Gregor Gysi expects that Sahra Wagenknecht will found her own party. Then the left-wing politician suddenly causes a stir with one word. There has been speculation for some time that left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht will split off from the party and found her own political movement. Party veteran Gregor Gysi also “fears” that, he explained […]

CDU woman comes under pressure because of Merz’s statement

When it comes to Merz, two journalists grill CDU Mrs. Ines Claus until she shows her colors. Things also got tight for SPD man Günter Rudolph. Before the state elections in Hesse, candidates from the major parties asked each other questions on “Hessischer Rundfunk” on Thursday evening that particularly concern citizens. While “Hesse Votes – […]

Putin will be happy to hear it

In the debate about migration, CDU leader Merz caused outrage with a controversial statement. His formulation has precedents. They can be found far to the right. Every September, Friedrich Merz seems to transform into a kind of Cassandra. The CDU leader then loudly warned of the decline of the welfare state. That was the case […]

Christian Lindner compares “Last Generation” with AfD

Christian Lindner equated the program of the right-wing AfD with that of the climate protection group “Last Generation”. He accuses them of wanting to ruin Germany’s economy. Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) compared the climate activists of the “Last Generation” with the right-wing AfD party. “Climate glue and the AfD – their programs would […]

AfD fails again in election for Bundestag Vice President

The AfD does not make it into the Bundestag presidency again. She was the only one of the parliamentary groups in the Bundestag who failed to win a vice-presidential position. The AfD has failed again in its attempt to win a vice-presidential position in the Bundestag. Your candidate Hannes Gnauck only received 81 yes votes […]

CDU leader receives criticism for populist claims

Are asylum seekers taking dentist appointments away from Germans? CDU leader Friedrich Merz is facing strong headwinds for his false statements. CDU leader Friedrich Merz has caused great outrage with his false claims about asylum seekers visiting the dentist. In the “Welt-Talk” he used drastic words to call on the federal government to reduce incentives […]

This is how Germans feel about refugees in their city

The increase in asylum applications is currently being widely discussed. A majority of Germans appear to be quite relaxed about the influx of refugees. According to the current RTL/n-tv trend barometer from the opinion research institute Forsa, a good three quarters of those surveyed have already noticed something about the refugees who have come to […]

Greens fall – AfD again at record levels

The AfD reached a record high of 20 percent in a survey in Baden-Württemberg. For the first time in years, the CDU is clearly ahead of the Greens. In Baden-Württemberg, according to a survey, the CDU is clearly ahead of the Greens for the first time in many years. According to a survey published on […]

US Ambassador Amy Gutmann warns of the rise of extremists in Germany

American Ambassador Amy Gutmann warns of a resurgence of extremists in Germany. Her father had to flee from the Nazis. The US ambassador in Berlin, Amy Gutmann, has warned of a resurgence of extremists in Germany. “Democracies can collapse,” Gutmann told the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit” on Wednesday. “They die when politicians – at all […]

Historian gives up chairmanship of the CDU Basic Values ​​Commission

With statements about the AfD, the historian Andreas Rödder sparked contradiction in the CDU leadership. He is now stepping down as head of the CDU Basic Values ​​Commission. The historian Andreas Rödder is giving up the chairmanship of the CDU Basic Values ​​Commission. He told the “Welt” and the portal “Nius” (Wednesday) that this was […]