Procreate Dreams Review: Exploring the New Animated Future

Procreate Dreams: A New Wave in Animation Creation By: Professional Journalist As the demand for digital drawing and animation grows, creators are constantly looking for new and innovative tools to bring their creations to life. The launch of Procreate Dreams, a new animation production app, has sparked interest and excitement among artists and animators. Procreate […]

Customer Demands Refund for Finding Cockroach in Seasoned Chicken from Famous Restaurant

Customer Demands Refund for Alleged Cockroach in Chicken By Ha-min Ha | 2023.11.04 07:21 A disgruntled customer recently claimed to have found a cockroach in their order of Galmuri flavored chicken, leading them to request a refund. The incident unfolded within the bustling community of self-employed individuals known as ‘I’m Sick, I’m the Boss’. Mr. […]

High-End Equipment and Auto Parts Standard Application Forum Boosts Automotive Industry Development

CMMM Standard Application Forum Aims to Boost Automotive Industry Development (Reporter: Cai Yi, Sun Weijie, Shen Yuqing) Huishan, October 21 – The CMMM (High-End Equipment and Auto Parts) Standard Application sub-forum was held in Huishan, providing valuable solutions for the transformation of high-end equipment and auto parts industries. The forum focused on seven typical high-value […]

Core Industries Exceed 1.2 Trillion as Industrial Internet Policy System Improves

Core industries exceed 1.2 trillion, and the industrial Internet policy system continues to improve The industrial Internet in China has witnessed remarkable growth, with the establishment of 50 cross-industry and cross-field platforms. These platforms have contributed to the development of influential industry-specific platforms, connecting nearly 90 million sets of equipment. The industrial Internet has successfully […]

Koyote’s Baekga Shares Anecdote of Ex-Boyfriend Requesting Luxury Car as Birthday Gift

Baekga from Koyote Reveals Anecdote About Ex-Boyfriend’s Extravagant Birthday Request By Chae Tae-byeong | Money Today Reporter | October 11, 2023 | 14:24 Koyote member Baekga shared a surprising anecdote about his ex-boyfriend who once asked him for a foreign car as a birthday gift. Baekga, along with Lee Hyeon-i and Sleepy, appeared as guests […]

Harnessing the Power of Big Models: Driving Industrial Intelligence in New Industrialization

New Title: The Role of Big Models in Driving Industrial Intelligence for New Industrialization In the pursuit of new industrialization, advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and large models play a crucial role. However, many companies struggle with utilizing these technologies due to high barriers to entry and costs. This provides an opportunity for leading […]

Customer Outrage Over Missing Chopsticks Leads to Refund Request

The Challenges Faced by a Delivery Food Business: A Customer Demands a Refund Over a Missing Chopstick By Jo Han-song, Money Today Reporter | 2023.10.07 14:42 Design Reporter Lim Jong-cheol / Photograph = Design Reporter Lim Jong-cheol In a recent incident, a customer who ordered delivery food demanded a refund from the company due to […]

Introducing ‘State of Mind’: Apple’s New Mental Health Feature on Health Program

Apple Introduces “State of Mind” Feature in Health Program, Prioritizing Mental Health By [Your Name], Health Correspondent Apple has unveiled an innovative addition to their Health program called “State of Mind,” aimed at addressing mental health concerns and providing users with emotional support. The standout feature of “State of Mind” is its round-the-clock monitoring and […]