Seibu’s Secret Weapon to “Eliminate Dysfunctions” Open “Orthopedic Surgery” next spring next spring, collaboration with Teikyo University | Full Account

Manager Matsui “I wanted it when I was a player” On the 30th, Seibu signed a partnership with Teikyo University to support sports medical science. The centerpiece is the opening of the “Lions Orthopedic Clinic,” operated by three parties including Athlete Med Co., Ltd., which provides exercise programs. Scheduled for spring 2024. [Popeth y gallwch […]

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The day after the selection was decided, a joint practice session was held as part of the “Koshien Dream Project for Children with Intellectual Disabilities”. Keio High School (Kanagawa), which decided to participate in the 95th Select High School Baseball Tournament for the 10th time in 5 years, was part of the “Koshien Dream Project […]

Kodai Senga decides not to take part in WBC Given the difficulty of adapting… Director Kuriyama made a “parental” decision | Full Account

Manager Kuriyama considers the difficulty of setting adjustments in the first year of the big challenge It was revealed on the 27th that pitcher Kodai Senga, who transferred from Softbank to MLB’s Mets, will not participate in the Japanese baseball team “Samurai Japan,” which will participate in the WBC. The possibility of participating in the […]